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CRM for Manufacturing: Ease of Use

For manufacturers looking for a CRM, few considerations will be as impactful in the long term as ease of use. This article outlines the key features that make a CRM intuitive and accessible.

Every CRM (customer relationship management) on the market claims to simplify the daily operations of your business, yet few can uphold this claim.

Outdated user interfaces and complex navigation make integrating existing operational processes into the new tool challenging. 

To ensure that a CRM will be as user-friendly as advertised, look for the following:

  • Modern Design- Companies have invested heavily in understanding how we interact with technology. Those investments have led to significant improvements in user experience and app design. 

In the world of B2B SaaS, however, change occurs at a much slower rate than in the consumer technology market. 

Most software tools released in the early 2000s still use outdated design elements popular from that era. 

Many legacy players in the space are trying desperately to dress up their outdated functionality with new skins, but these attempts are largely superficial, layered on top of outdated architecture, and this causes the user experience to suffer.

  • In-house support- The resources available to help you navigate obstacles are often overlooked in the early stages of your CRM search. This is a mistake.

If you need help understanding a feature or implementing a new tool, the kind of support you have at your disposal can make this simple or nearly impossible. 

A CRM with an in-house support team will know better than anybody how to help you. They are focused only on their software and customers, so the quality of service is higher and better than you will get from a 3rd party.

5 questions you should ask every CRM vendor about ease of use

The following five questions can help you determine if a specific CRM platform will make your life easier.

  1. What is the average adoption rate of the CRM?
  2. What is the average onboarding time for new team members?
  3. Can the user interface be customized to meet your specific needs? Can apps be added or removed? Can the layout be personalized with branded colors icons?
  4. Are customizations such as form field changes user-configurable? 
  5. Can you customize stages to create unique workflows?

FreeAgent CRM is the right choice for manufacturing

At FreeAgent, we know firsthand the challenges that manufacturers face because we help manufacturers every day.

Check out these powerful success stories to learn more:

To see FreeAgent in action, get a demo, and discover for yourself how we are leading the way to a better workday.

CRM Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturing

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