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CRM for Manufacturing: Integration Considerations

CRM integration boosts sales and marketing efficiency and unlocks process optimization potential. Yet, for manufacturers, specialized and proprietary tools can make CRM integration a challenge.

Integration unlocks the true potential of CRM (customer relationship management). For manufacturers, however, the use of specialized and proprietary tools presents unique challenges in this regard.

Finding a CRM that can integrate with your back-of-house systems such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) or BOM (bill of materials) is difficult enough — finding one that has the potential to integrate with custom equipment is even harder.

The following considerations can help you identify if a CRM vendor can meet your unique needs:  

  • Native integrations- Finding a CRM that integrates with your existing software tools can save you time and money while limiting the disruption that comes from adopting new software tools.

Many CRMs will only integrate with specific software brands (Copper CRM, Microsoft Dynamics) or with a very limited number of tools. A quick look at a CRMs integrations page can help you eliminate these CRMs before the first sales call.

  • Open API- A CRM with an open API (application programming interface) allows manufacturers to easily and seamlessly integrate the CRM with other software tools, such as inventory management, accounting, and e-commerce platforms, without the need for custom coding.

For manufacturers, finding a CRM that has an open API not only ensures that the CRM will be able to integrate with their existing tech stack, it future proofs the CRM tool against the employment of new tools.

3 questions you should ask every CRM vendor about their integration capabilities

The following three questions can help you determine whether a CRM vendor can meet your integration requirements.

  1. Does the CRM have an open API?
  2. Does the CRM support Zapier integrations? 
  3. Does the CRM offer real-time data transfer between integrated systems?

FreeAgent CRM is the right choice for manufacturing

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CRM Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturing

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