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CRM for Manufacturing: Reporting Features

The reporting capabilities of a modern CRM can’t be matched. For manufacturers, these tools can provide insights they can use to improve business efficiency, customer satisfaction, and product development and design.

CRM (customer relationship management) provides powerful reporting tools that can be a valuable asset for manufacturers. 

These robust work management platforms turn data into insights that can enhance business efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and drive product development and design. 

The following reporting capabilities should be considered must-haves for any manufacturer: 

  • Real-time data and analytics- Real-time data capture and access allows your teams to collaborate more effectively while providing the insights you need to make data-driven decisions in the moment. 
  • Personalizable dashboards- The ability to visualize your data in a simplified format based on your preference and need allows you to track progress and gauge performance quickly and easily.

As an additional benefit, dashboards that can be configured and customized by individual team members allow personalization that fosters ownership and adoption. 

  • Customizable reports- Customizable reports allow manufacturers to sort, filter, and manipulate data in ways that are specific to their needs, making it easier to analyze trends and identify areas for improvement.

5 questions you should ask every CRM vendor about their reporting capabilities

The following five questions can help you determine whether a CRM vendor can meet your reporting needs.

  1. Does the CRM system provide real-time data updates and analytics?
  2. Does the CRM offer real-time data transfer between integrated systems?
  3. How easily can the reports be integrated with other data sources and systems?
  4. Are customizations such as form field changes user-configurable? 
  5. Can individual employees create their own unique dashboards?

FreeAgent CRM is the right choice for manufacturing

At FreeAgent, we know firsthand the challenges that manufacturers face because we help manufacturers every day.

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CRM Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturing

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