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CRM for Med Tech: Customization Considerations

Every Med Tech business is unique, and an important differentiator is whether a CRM can adapt to your specific work processes.

Customization is an important consideration for any Med Tech company looking to find a CRM vendor. 

A CRM solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization can help to improve efficiency and productivity, while also ensuring that all of the important data is secure.

Determining how flexible and customizable a CRM system is can be challenging without using the software, but asking about the following considerations can help you identify whether a vendor can provide the options you need.

  • User-interface- Medical technology companies need to be able to customize the user-interface of their CRM system to better meet their specific needs. 

Common customizations include:

    • The ability to add or remove apps based on role and responsibility
    • The ability to create customized dashboards and views
    • The ability to create custom reports and charts in a variety of types
    • The ability to add branding features such as colors and icons

A customized and personalized user-interface reduces employee distraction and onboarding time while fostering adoption.  

  • User-configurability- Agility is key to business success, and few factors limit agility more than relying on outside support to change internal processes.

A CRM platform should allow you to: 

    • Add/remove forms and fields
    • Add/remove apps
    • Adjust access parameters
    • Customize layouts, dashboards, and reports

A toolset you can configure yourself ensures you can adjust on the go and allows you the freedom to experiment.

  • Integration- A CRM system that can be seamlessly integrated with the other software tools and technologies used by an organization can help to streamline workflows and automate processes. 

This can lead to improved data accuracy and timeliness, as well as the ability to gain deeper insights from the data.

A quick look at a CRM vendor’s integrations page can tell you a lot. If it provides a long list of integration partners that requires some scrolling to get through, that is a good sign.

5 questions you should ask every CRM vendor about customization

The following five questions can help you determine whether a CRM vendor can meet your customization needs.

    1. Does the CRM platform have an open API?
    2. Can users customize dashboards and the interface themselves?
    3. Does the CRM platform require outside support to remove an app or add a form field? 
    4. Does the CRM platform allow for the creation of custom workflows to automate work processes?
    5. Does the CRM have a mobile-app option?

FreeAgent CRM is the right choice for Med Tech

At FreeAgent, we know firsthand the challenges that Med Tech companies face when looking for a CRM. As a natively HIPAA-compliant CRM platform, we not only know what Med Tech companies need, we know how to help them achieve it.

If you’re interested in learning more, we recommend these powerful success stories:

For additional information on finding the right CRM for your company, our CRM Buyer’s Guide for Med Tech is an excellent resource.

Try FreeAgent today, for free, and start having workdays full of impact.

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