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Our most valuable resource is our people.”

Stratus Medical



Healthcare / Medical Device

Favorite Feature



Exponential q/q sales growth

Cycle time ⚡ from months to days

Multiplied positive customer interactions

Improving quality of life

Stratus Medical is a medical device company on a mission to improve the quality of life of people suffering from chronic pain through innovation and the advancement of RF technology.

“We’re committed to the highest ethical and quality standards in the industry while offering the best customer experience possible.”


Stratus Medical is growing rapidly, with a client base expanding across the US, as well as other countries. 

Stratus Medical needed to add more staff to service their customers. As they scaled, Stratus wanted to make sure their staff was empowered to deliver the same level of quality and service they were known for.

The team at Stratus Medical needed a CRM to help them centralize customer communication data. With the team expanding quickly, they also saw an opportunity to reduce onboarding time for new hires.

Most importantly, the team at Stratus aimed to speed up their sales cycle to drive revenue without sacrificing the quality of their customer interactions.

With our rapid expansion, our team needed a CRM to centralize customer communication data. We saw opportunities to streamline and compress our sales cycle.

We needed to empower our team to move faster, so ease-of-use was important. Most CRM systems actually slow things down, and adoption is low because of that.

After evaluating many CRM options, FreeAgent was the only one that checked all theses boxes.

I think FreeAgent is an excellent solution for any company in the medical device / manufacturing field.”

  • Centralize customer communication data
  • Reduce employee time spent looking for information
  • Needed ease-of-use to drive adoption
  • Reduce onboarding time for new hires
  • Speed up sales cycle

FreeAgent has allowed Stratus Medical to see dynamic quarter-over-quarter growth, and to optimize our reach in the field by reducing the time necessary to service our customers.

Tracking customer interactions allows us to be dialed-in to our client base and empowers us to target specific people with specific messaging.

We know who is engaging, who is responding  and we’ve seen a dramatic increase in positive customer interactions.”

The Solution

Stratus Medical evaluated many CRM options. In FreeAgent, they found a fully customizable system that could be tailored to the specific needs of their business and field. With the FreeAgent platform, Stratus Medical would be able to reduce selling time, improve their customer experience through more fluid communication, and transition new team members faster. 

  • Compressed the sales cycle by streamlining trial-to-adoption for customers
  • Tracking customer interactions empowered more tuned and targeted messaging

The Impact

Stratus Medical is now able to reach more customers and communicate with them more efficiently. This has allowed for a faster transition from trials to adoption. Sales cycle time has compressed from months to days.

With increased visibility and tracking on customer communications, Stratus Medical has been able to improve customer interactions, leading to consistent exponential q/q growth for the last 5 quarters, since putting FreeAgent in place.

We’re proud to support Stratus Medical as they continue to grow — helping to improve the quality of life for more and more individuals suffering from chronic pain.

FreeAgent allows us to maximize the effect of our most valuable resource: our people.

Our staff is empowered to serve our customers efficiently, without having to make internal calls searching for information.

With our gained visibility into staff interactions with customers, we were able to not only optimize our sales process, but also take advantage of insights to deliver a consistent message across our market.

I don’t think you can put a dollar amount on that type of visibility.”

Will Pankey

Director of Sales, US | Stratus Medical


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