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FreeAgent empowered us so we could do things our way. That helped our team get on board quickly and painlessly because they didn’t have to change the way they did things in the past. Our processes are more efficient now.”

FastEST, Inc.

Wichita, KS



Favorite Feature



17% Revenue growth

 24+ admin hours saved / week

⚡ Response time from hours to minutes

100% adoption rate 💯

Doing things their way

FastEST, Inc. is an estimating software tool that was designed by estimators for estimators. It is fast, powerful and intuitive, and allows estimators to work how they want to work, both at the office and in the field. FastEST offers a suite of tools to meet a variety of estimation needs, from plumbing and mechanical to insulation to HVAC and more.

FastEST began more than 20 years ago as a passion project by FastEST, Inc. president, Mark Oxler. Mark was working as a mechanical estimator, and he was unimpressed with the tools at his disposal. Not one to sit back and accept mediocrity, Mark partnered with a friend who was a software engineer and set about to create something better. Together they developed a tool that was easier to use and more intuitive than anything before.   

As FastEST, Inc. grew over the next couple of decades, it would develop from a part-time, start-up operation into a business that employs more than 10 employees and serves an industry valued at tens of millions of dollars annually. One software program turned into several, and all of that success precipitated FastEST to reevaluate the systems they were using to run their business. 

The team at FastEST knew that spreadsheets and outdated data entry software were no longer going to be enough to support their year-over-year growth. They needed something that could centralize their data, optimize their processes, and minimize their day-to-day operational workload. They found FreeAgent CRM, an enterprise software platform that offered everything they were looking for and more at a price well below the other solutions they were looking at. FreeAgent was a like-minded company, customer-focused and detail-oriented, with a desire to make the lives of their customers easier. The partnership was a natural fit, and together they began working on writing the next chapter in the FastEST story.

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Our needs are pretty unique because we operate within such a niche market. FreeAgent empowered us so we could do things our way. That helped our team get on board quickly and painlessly because they didn’t have to change the way they did things in the past.

When we began looking for a CRM, we started with some of the bigger names. The problem was that they were too expensive. We didn’t need every feature, and we didn’t want to pay for a bunch of features we wouldn’t use. Plus, they needed a third party to set them up. We found you with a google search, and after the first demo, we knew that FreeAgent checked all of our boxes. 

FreeAgent seemed to be a company like ours. You are customer-focused, and you listened to what we needed. You showed us how to customize the software to work the way we wanted it to. You were also less expensive with a lower total cost of ownership compared to other CRM software. All of those factors combined to help us to make the decision to go with FreeAgent.”

Patrick Wetta

Account Executive | FastEST, Inc.

  • Quality-driven
    Our software is fast, sleek, and reliable
  • Innovative
    We developed the first mechanical estimation solution 
  • Continuous Development
    We continue to improve and enhance our software year over year
  • Robust Architecture
    No job is too big for our systems
FreeAgent CRM FastEST Customer Story


When the team at FastEST, Inc. began looking for a CRM, they had a clear idea of what they needed. The challenge they faced was finding someone who understood those needs and could deliver a solution that worked on FastEST’s terms. There were a plethora of options available to them, but they all seemed to be designed for the same business, and that business was not FastEST, Inc. To make these solutions work, the team would need to change how they operate, which was not something they were interested in. 

After running through a half dozen different demos and sales pitches, FastEST, Inc. came across FreeAgent. It was clear right away that this platform was different. FreeAgent didn’t tell the team at FastEST, Inc. how to run their business; they asked them how it was run. They sought to understand what FastEST needed, and they offered the tools to support those needs. They didn’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather, a customizable and adaptable plan that worked the way FastEST, Inc. did. FreeAgent could help FastEST, Inc. track account communications, simplify data entry and retrieval, improve collaboration and streamline their processes—all without requiring FastEST, Inc. to reinvent the wheel. Factor in a support team that was committed to making sure the partnership was a success, and the choice became obvious.

The system we had been using was getting pretty outdated, and we knew it wasn’t going to be effective in the long term. We didn’t want to re-invent the wheel, but we thought it would be a good opportunity to update the way we did some things.

We were spending too much time creating leads, and finding old invoices was a pain. FreeAgent provided us with a place to store all of our account information, and it kept organized and accessible. They also helped us automate our lead creation process, and that has saved us a lot of time, more than 24 hours a week.

Patrick Wetta

Account Executive | FastEST, Inc.

The team at FastEST, Inc. needed to:

  • Automate their lead creation process 
  • Centralize their account data
  • Track customer communications more efficiently
  • Increase visibility into activity across the organization
  • Find a system their team would use
FreeAgent CRM FastEST Case Stud
FreeAgent CRM FastEST Customer Story

Our processes are more efficient now. With automations, we spend less time doing a lot of the little things we used to do manually every day.

The training was great. Everybody was able to learn it quickly. The support helped with that as well. They are very quick to respond if my team has questions.

I can tell the development team listens to feedback. If I make a suggestion for a feature or tweak to the way something is displayed, for example, I have seen that change made a month or two later. So that tells me that everyone there is listening to the customer. That is how we operate, so there is some good alignment there.

The ability for us to make our own custom forms was big. That is what allowed us to do things our way. We thought we’d have to change our processes after implementing CRM, but with FreeAgent we didn’t have to.

Patrick Wetta

Account Executive | FastEST, Inc.

The Solution

FreeAgent allows us to do everything we do, better.”

FreeAgent began working to enable the team at FastEST to get up and running quickly. First, the FastEST team needed to create custom forms and fields that would allow them to track the data they wanted. The FreeAgent platform made this easy for them to do and since creating these forms and fields didn’t require a bunch code or take a lot of time, the FastEST team could make adjustments or changes to them whenever they wanted. Next, they showed the FastEST team how quick and easy it was to import data. In no time FastEST had a decade’s worth of account information centralized and organized, providing FastEST with a complete overview of all of their account communications and history. After that, FreeAgent helped FastEST configure integrations that allowed for the automation of FastEST’s lead creation process, helping their whole team save time and energy.

Going forward, FastEST will continue to implement and further utilize the tools that FreeAgent provides. Soon, their phone service will be fully integrated into the platform. This means they will be able to make calls directly within the app, reducing distractions and centralizing communications.

Along the way, FastEST, Inc. has had their own recommendations for things they wanted to see. Tweaks to a form or adjustments to the way a pop-up was displayed have contributed to updates and revisions that have benefited not just their business, but other FreeAgent customers as well.

The Impact

The partnership of FastEST, Inc., and FreeAgent has paid immediate dividends. The automated lead-creation process has seen FastEST save more than 24 hours a week. That time is now spent reaching out to prospects, providing demos, and implementing new customers. The activity tracker provides greater insights into the everyday operations of the business. Now, the leadership team can make more informed decisions about the processes and systems that make FastEST, Inc. successful. Customer relations are easier to manage as all of the information that a rep needs is at their fingertips, instead of located in different spreadsheets and emails. The consistency of work has gone up across the board and that benefits the entire team.

The professional estimation software space is a niche market that requires unique knowledge and expertise. Accurate and precise estimation is a vital tool for contractors, and FastEST, Inc. is one of the few companies that has the experience required to innovate and improve this process for so many businesses. With FreeAgent on their side, FastEST, Inc. can now spend more time focusing on this work.

If you asked the team what feature was their favorite, most would probably say the automations. They no longer have to input leads manually, and that saves them a lot of time. A couple of hours a day easily. For me, I like the custom apps. They let us work how we want to work. We didn’t have to come up with a whole new way of doing things.

Our Account Manager is really good about reaching out us when a new feature comes out or an update is released. She offers us training and lets us know how she thinks it could help us, so that’s great.

Patrick Wetta

Account Executive | FastEST, Inc.

FreeAgent CRM FastEST Customer Story


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