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We take great pride in providing first-class solutions in affordable housing

FinePoint, LLC




Favorite Feature

Centralized Hub

Established visibility and source of truth across the company

Can now accurately report on data

Save time and increased productivity

Collaboration across teams, communities, and economics

FinePoint Associates is a Massachusetts-based consulting firm that provides research and analysis to guide the strategic investment of resources into successful land development projects. Working in a wide array of communities ranging from large urban centers to small rural areas and from very economically distressed and ethnically diverse neighborhoods to affluent markets.

They work collaboratively with community residents, business and property owners, non profits and local government to develop the most appropriate strategies, plans and policies.

With years of experience in their field, FinePoint Associates takes great pride in providing first class solutions to property owners, nonprofits, and local government to develop strategies that will generate the most benefits for the target communities and project sponsors.



FinePoint Associates works with many different companies on many different projects and no two projects are the same.

The regulations, guidelines and requirements for each can vary and finding a way to keep track of all those data sets was becoming an increasingly difficult task. This, combined with the fact that they are a relatively small team compared to their ambitions, prompted them to seek out a solution that would help them to stay on top of their growing workload, without requiring a large time investment.

We don’t have an IT department and our business was growing faster than we could keep up!

We went from one project with a single set of requirements to having to monitor a lot more projects with diverse data sets.”

FreeAgent has allowed us to do what we do best, to do it more accurately and with a better quality of work.” 

“Our team was resistant to technology. They need software to be user-friendly and give them the information they need on the fly. FreeAgent is the solution.”

The Solution

When searching for an answer to their growing problem FinePoint Associates began looking at different software solutions. They found that a lot of the resources available were targeted specifically at sales based businesses and didn’t quite fit their needs.

When they found FreeAgent they discovered a set of tools that could help them visualize all their data with customized reports. The interface was intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, FreeAgent was a true partner that would work with them to help improve their workflow going forward.

The Impact

FinePoint Associates now has a centralized system for tracking all of their projects. They can see not only what has been done and what is required, but who has been working on it. They have a visible line of communication that includes customized reporting and this has allowed them to streamline the way they assign site visits and managerial tasks to be more efficient and profitable. Best of all, it is easy to use and doesn’t require them to spend a lot of time learning the software.

FreeAgent has provided FinePoint Associates a set of tools tailored to meet their specific requirements. Now, as FinePoint Associates grows they will be better positioned to handle the challenges ahead. 

What drew us to FreeAgent and has kept us with them is their customer service.”

FreeAgent is the MVP we rely on to keep the information correct, up to date and provides a central hub that allows us all to stay connected.

Very intuitive and easy to use for the whole team, requiring minimal support and time – this really provides so much value!

As FreeAgent continues to add features, they’ve helped me see ways to do my job better.”

Lindsay Cohrs

FinePoint Associates, LLC

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