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We’re a modern company aimed at progressing our industry with leading-edge technology.

FreeAgent is made for our generation.”




Life Sciences / Biotech

Favorite Feature

 Custom Apps


⬆ More sales activities / day

⬆ More well-managed accounts / rep

⬇ Rep onboarding decreased 30 days

  100% adoption 💯

Better care through innovation

ImaginAb is a California-based medical imaging company that is poised to lead a charge in the fight against cancer. Their team of dedicated scientists is committed to providing clinicians and physicians with the tools they need to deliver effective and meaningful care for millions of people around the world. 

Through the innovative use of cutting-edge technology, ImaginAb is able to maximize the potential of immuno-oncology treatment with improved patient selection and treatment analysis. These innovations allow physicians to chart a more precise path of care, which can lead to a longer and healthier life for their patients.

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  • Values-focused and mission-oriented
    Leading the way in the fight against cancer


  • Modern, innovative company
    Creating cutting edge technology


  • People-centric
    Empowering our team is important to us


  • Customer-committed
    Providing the highest level of expert care from our representatives is our priority

I definitely feel FreeAgent is aligned with our values. Our slogan is actually:
Challenge, transform, create.

Between the self-service customization and constantly innovating/improving platform, I feel that FreeAgent is constantly transforming and creating for us.”

Calmen Tihansky

Business Development | ImaginAb


The medical research field is a complex one, and the challenges that the team at ImaginAb faces are equally so. On top of having to navigate the various approvals and phased roll-out requirements that are standard for the life-science industry, the team at ImaginAb also must manage a lengthy and unconventional sales cycle that sees clients interact with various team members throughout the journey. In order for these interactions to be meaningful and productive, it is essential that their client account information is both accurate and accessible. 

Another challenge lies with the size and nature of the companies with which ImaginAb does business. The health industry is vast and so are the players that operate within it. A single company may have dozens of different departments and the tools and expertise that ImaginAb provides can help several of them. One account could actually represent many opportunities and keeping them all organized is key to delivering an exceptional client experience.

I would definitely recommend FreeAgent specifically for our industry.

We did our due diligence, we looked at a number of solutions and we were specifically looking for a CRM that worked best for our business model.

A lot of solutions out there are primarily geared for basic transactional sales. Finding a CRM that could satisfy the needs of our unique sales cycle was very challenging, until we found FreeAgent.

Of course, we looked at Salesforce — it was too complex and bulky; it was clear we would need to hire a person completely dedicated just to managing it.”

The team at ImaginAb needed to:

  • Be able to customize without complexity, cost and dedicated resources
  • Gain visibility into account and opportunity management
  • Reduce employee onboarding time 
  • Empower the sales team
  • Manage and optimize their unique sales cycle 
  • Nurture long-term customer relationships
  • Reduce the amount of data and processes managed in Excel spreadsheets
  • Spend their workday in modern, enjoyable software

We looked at a lot of other CRM’s and they look like they’re stuck in the early 2000’s.

When I saw FreeAgent, I felt more comfortable immediately in the way it looks and the user experience. It’s very clean and simple to use. We’re a modern company, creating leading-edge technology. The way I describe it to people is that FreeAgent is made for our generation.

I would really drive home the fact that you can customize it in any way you want fairly easily and quickly.

Because it’s straightforward how to create things, you can really manipulate the apps to do whatever you want. We use an app to track our competitors, for example.”

Calmen Tihansky

Business Development | ImaginAb

The Solution

ImaginAb was able to get the team on board quickly. Suddenly, all client information could be found in one place. All emails, calls and communications were logged and detailed notes allowed for a smooth transition from one team member to the next. Accounts with multiple clients became easier to navigate. The onboarding time for new employees was shortened as processes became more streamlined.

With Custom Apps and Views, ImaginAb is able to use the FreeAgent platform in a way that makes sense for their business and the filter capabilities mean that finding all of their vital account information is fast and easy. Filtering on views saves the team hours on reporting, and empowers fast and effective list-building for tailored email blasts.

That’s a big difference we see with FreeAgent vs other CRM’s — we use FreeAgent for everything; from managing our highest revenue customer down to keeping our meeting minutes from our team meetings.

Now, anytime we find ourselves working in spreadsheets, our first thought is ‘Can we do this in FreeAgent instead?’ And most of the time the answer is yes.”

Ivan Plavec

Chief Business Officer | ImaginAb

The Impact

  • Visibility from 0 to 100
  • High-adoption; salespeople are power-users
  • Rep onboarding reduced by a month
  • Decreased sales meeting preparation time
  • Reduced time spent searching for information
  • Increased managed customer accounts per sales rep

ImaginAb has been able to move away from spreadsheets and move into a centralized hub that keeps all of their information at their fingertips. Prep time for client calls that once took over 10 minutes now takes less than one. Visibility has greatly improved, allowing the team to see what is happening and just as importantly, what isn’t.

Now, ImaginAb has the ability to optimize their processes within a scalable platform that adapts to their business — not the other way around.

With less time spent managing day-to-day operations, more time is freed up to do the life-saving work that the team at ImaginAb is committed to. This means more doctors and physicians will be able to utilize the incredible tools that ImaginAb is creating to save and improve lives.

FreeAgent is proud to support ImaginAb’s incredible team and mission.

We used to spend a lot of time preparing to reach out to customers. That preparation has been significantly reduced — from hours to minutes. We can quickly glance and have all the information at our fingertips.

That’s probably our biggest efficiency gain because it’s led to having more well-managed customer accounts and opportunities per sales rep.

Our salespeople now communicate with more customers per day than was possible before.

Onboarding reps are able to do their jobs a whole month quicker because of FreeAgent.

Our sales leader has seen huge improvements and been able to drive much more efficiency in the sales process.

Visibility went from 0 to 100 using FreeAgent. Now we log in and everything’s there. I think it made the salespeople power users.”

Ivan Plavec

Chief Business Officer | ImaginAb


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