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FreeAgent allows us to focus on what we do best; providing quality healthcare in our communities in every way, every day.” 

Legacy Community Health

Houston, TX



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  • Healthcare for All
    Providing access to care for the marginalized and underserved 
  • Community-centered
    Building community through collaboration and partnership
  • Driving Healthy Change
    Empowering change through education and access
  • Supporting Inclusivity 
    Supporting those in need with dignity and respect

Legacy is heavily rooted in LGBTQ+ care and the LGBTQ+ community. It is a part of DNA. It’s who we are, and it’s a big part of what we do. 

We are a full-service, federally qualified health center, but we are one of the only places in the state that provide transgender care and LGBTQ+ healthcare services. That is very important to us and something that sets us apart.”

Orlando Lozano

Director of Business Development  | Legacy Community Health

We believe that healthcare is a right and not a privilege.

We provide healthcare from pediatrics to geriatrics, from the insured to the uninsured, for our US citizens as well as the undocumented, there is no one that we turn away.”

Latisha Hull

Community Relations Manager | Legacy Community Health

Strengthening the community through accessible healthcare

For more than 40 years, the team at Legacy Community Health has been working hard to provide access to healthcare for Houston’s underserved and marginalized communities. What began as an effort to address the AIDS pandemic in the mid-80s has evolved to include treatment and healthcare support for adult primary care, pediatrics, dental care, vision services, behavioral health services, OB/GYN and maternity services, vaccinations and immunizations, health promotion and community outreach, wellness and nutrition, and more. The mission of Legacy is to deliver quality healthcare every day and in every way to people young and old, regardless of insurance coverage, citizenship status, race, identity, sexual preference, or economic demographic. 

With over 20 clinics and facilities located on campuses across the Houston area, the team at Legacy is heavily invested in their community. To support their efforts to make healthcare more accessible, they are always looking for new partners to join the cause. Hosting events and fundraisers to promote awareness is a big part of their outreach. Managing, nurturing, and coordinating the contacts they make at these events is essential to the continued development and growth of Legacy Community Health. While the team that facilitates these endeavors is small, their dreams are big. To maximize their reach and resources, they have partnered with FreeAgent CRM to help them optimize their impact through the utilization of modern enterprise software tools. Like Legacy, FreeAgent is committed to providing access to technology that is too often restricted. This flexible and customizable platform allows Legacy to do things their way. The support FreeAgent ensures that Legacy can focus on what matters most to them- the health and dignity of those in need.

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Legacy Community Health has grown significantly over the last 40 years. What began as a support effort to address the needs of the LGBTQ+ community has grown into a network of care facilities spread across the Houston area that cater to people from all walks of life. While that growth has allowed Legacy to reach more people in more communities, it has not come without challenges. 

Like many community-focused businesses, Legacy initially relied heavily upon the savvy and know-how of its caring and dedicated employees. While the team was able to produce impressive results, leadership understood that if Legacy were going to continue to grow, it would need to establish a set of codified processes and best practices to ensure consistency and scalability. To that end, they began looking for a CRM to help them centralize their data, streamline their communications, and increase visibility into the day-to-day operations of their business.

Historically we weren’t able to track invoices and communications very well. Things like the total number of events and referrals were all managed individually. My goal was to be able to share what my team was doing for the organization internally and demonstrate that value to the board. 

That’s where the FreeAgent team has come in and has just been so instrumental in helping us taking our unique processes and bring them to life within the system.”

Orlando Lozano

Director of Business Development  | Legacy Community Health

The team at Legacy Community Health needed to:

  • Reduce the time team members spends searching for previous communications
  • Increase visibility into the account information of their organizations and partners
  • Improve communication between team members and partners
  • Greater insight into the day-to-day activities of the team
  • Automate their follow-up process

If you’re out in the field, you can pull out your mobile device and see an invoice from last year or pull up a previous agreement.

Having the information available quickly and easily means we can see if we should try and negotiate a better offer or make another arrangement.”

Orlando Lozano

Director of Business Development | Legacy Community Health

Before FreeAgent, the individual rep was responsible for tracking how many attendees were at an event or how many referrals they were getting. We didn’t have official referral forms, so you would have to try and remember how many people you talked to and how many people were interested. Now we’re seeing not only how many events we’re having, but we can see how many people we are impacting at these events and how many referrals we’re getting.

FreeAgent has helped our team get true visibility and share all the work we’ve done with other departments and the board.”

Latisha Hull

Community Relations Manager | Legacy Community Health

The Solution

Initially, the team at Legacy Community Health began using FreeAgent to manage their leads and accounts. FreeAgent provided a centralized hub for all of their communications, and this was essential for keeping a record of what was happening from region to region. Team members could see what events were coming up, what clients or prospects needed attention, what proposals had been made, and the like. This was a significant improvement over the individualized management of such details used in the past, but more could be done. As a team that has always prided itself on innovation and adaptiveness, Legacy wasn’t going to rest on its laurels.

In recent months, Legacy has begun working closely with FreeAgent to adopt more of the tools available to them. The team has become increasingly diligent in using FreeAgent for their day-to-day activities. The result is a more accurate and data-driven view of what they are accomplishing. This visibility can be used to create reports and dashboards that highlight the quality of work being done. These reports can be shared with the board or with each other to help drive friendly competition and encourage peer-to-peer collaboration. Additionally, the implementation of email templates has made regular communications faster and more aligned. Even when out in the field, a team member can pull out their phone and respond to an inquiry quickly and easily, using a template that requires only a few minor adjustments or tweaks.

The next step for Legacy Community Health is to get even more of their teams involved. The benefits of increased visibility are exponential, and as more people begin to use the FreeAgent platform, the more coordinated they will all be.

The Impact

  • Improved onboarding for new employees
  • Email templates for faster and more consistent communications
  • Access to information in the field via mobile devices
  • More efficient processes driven by insight
  • More time spent building relationships and creating partnerships

Legacy Community Health has begun to see the benefits of their partnership with FreeAgent. Firstly, as the team continues to grow, adding new members has never been easier. All the information they require to understand the needs of their region is right at their fingertips, making getting up to speed fast and comprehensive. Secondly, even veteran team members are saving time. The hours spent searching for previous communications or tracking next steps have been largely mitigated, allowing reps to spend more time doing what they do best- promoting Legacy and their incredible mission. 

The leadership team is also seeing the impact. Reporting is both faster and more accurate. This means that results can be better assessed to provide more effective coaching and give the board a complete picture of what the team is doing. What’s more, consistent messaging has never been easier to ensure. Email templates coupled with greater visibility into individual communications allows leaders to know that the reputation for excellence Legacy has built being reinforced again and again. 

As Legacy Community Health continues to grow, so will their impact on the communities that need it most. The last couple of years have demonstrated just how valuable their services are. Health is not an individual issue; it is a community issue. The well-being of one of us affects the well-being of all of us, and the incredible people at Legacy are working to make sure that the system can support us all. 

FreeAgent will continue to help Legacy in this mission and is proud to stand alongside them in their effort to support the underserved.

We’ve built email templates, and that has been saving us time. We use those templates to create a more consistent message from our team. We are more aligned when speaking to our referral sources, and we’re more efficient when out in the field. Our reps can respond to inquiries sooner, and they don’t have to retype an email repeatedly.

Giving the team or the stakeholders that high-level visibility into what my team is producing is big. Historically we haven’t had that birds-eye view. Now I can see how many events my team held or how many new referrals they brought in this month.

FreeAgent gives me the ability to create that narrative and show what my team is doing.”

Orlando Lozano

Director of Business Development | Legacy Community Health

I recently transitioned into a new region and I could see everything that had happened previously in accounts, in the Activity Timeline. I can filter and identify accounts by latest interactions in real-time. I can tell right away who I needed to follow up with and who needed support. That saves me so much time and also means we can act on opportunities that might have otherwise been missed.

It’s been so much easier to schedule meetings. I can see who I need to call that day or what tasks I need to do at a glance. Clicking into the tasks gives me full context on the related accounts and contacts and I can take actions right from there. I don’t have to deal with the hectic craziness of “where do I find those emails” or “what did we talk about last time” — it’s all just right there in FreeAgent, and it’s all captured automatically. It’s really increased our individual ability to have greater impact each day.”

Latisha Hull

Community Relations Manager | Legacy Community Health


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