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We believe in building solid relationships on a foundation of transparency.

We have found that same spirit in FreeAgent. They are helping us grow and be successful.”

Newfi Wholesale 

Emeryville, CA


Financial Services

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Dashboards / Dashlets


  100% adoption 💯

⬆ 2x faster cycle time 

10+ hrs time saved / week

  • Education
    Teaching people how to invest in their future 
  • Building Partnerships
    Leading with integrity and a commitment to success
  • Success-focused 
    Creating better opportunities through experience and expertise
  • Community-minded 
    Supporting investment in the communities we serve

We have a lot of different products and solutions that can help a broker grow their business. Our job is to find out what the broker needs and then offer them the services to help them best support their clients.

We believe in building solid relationships on a foundation of transparency. We have found that same spirit in FreeAgent. They don’t feel like a separate company. They feel like another department of our company that shares our interests and our values.

FreeAgent is part of our team. They are there every step of the way. They are helping us grow and be successful. 

FreeAgent cares. They seem to do that naturally, and I appreciate that.”

Doug Hansen

VP of Wholesale | Newfi Wholesale

Creating opportunity in a changing world

Property investment has changed a lot over the past decade, and Newfi is at the forefront of this changing industry. Their unique approach to mortgage lending provides greater investment opportunities to more people by making it simpler and more transparent. Through the utilization of innovative technology, Newfi allows everyone to have a seat at the table and a chance to create a better future for themselves and their families.  

Like many companies in the last couple of years, Newfi had to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. The mortgage lending industry had been built upon a foundation of face-to-face interaction. As the world was forced to go remote, teams of account executives who had cut their teeth going door-to-door, visiting brokers across the United States, suddenly had to shift their skill set to an entirely new medium. These new challenges would require new solutions, something the team at Newfi recognized immediately. To that end, they set out to find a way to equip their teams with the tools they would need to be successful. They found FreeAgent, a company of innovators, just like them, poised to lead the way into the new world of work.

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FreeAgent CRM Newfi Wholesale Customer Story
FreeAgent CRM Newfi Wholesale Customer Story


When the team at Newfi began looking for a new CRM that could meet the demands of their rapidly changing industry, they knew they needed more than just a data collection silo. Certainly, it was important to have a central hub to manage their plethora of client communications, but having the support channels to assist their business during a rapid growth cycle was vital. As they ran through the list of the usual suspects, they realized that few could meet the demands of their burgeoning business until they found FreeAgent.

FreeAgent offered Newfi a modern and innovative solution, just as they were, and the support FreeAgent offered ensured that Newfi would be able to get up and running fast. What’s more, the platform was easy to use and could be adapted quickly to fit the needs unique to the mortgage lending industry. FreeAgent also looked and functioned like modern software should, which helped their whole team get on board.

We needed a very intuitive CRM that could be modified quickly to adapt to our changing environment. 

We looked at 4 or 5 different CRMs, and FreeAgent was the one that was the easiest to use. It also looked way more modern and was very flexible, easy to customize. What ultimately made us go with FreeAgent was the support they could offer us during this phase of our development. That was really important to me.”

Doug Hansen 

VP of Wholesale | Newfi Wholesale

The team at Newfi Wholesale needed to:

  • Adapt their business to a changing environment 
  • Track and nurture new opportunities
  • Automate their sales process and build efficiency 
  • Increase production and ramp-up quickly 
  • Integrate with Five9
FreeAgent CRM Newfi Wholesale Customer Story

We’ve been able to support and drive the behaviors we are looking for. FreeAgent gave us the visibility to show that the system is working and we are improving quickly. We can share that with everyone, and they can see their success and the success of their peers. That kind of insight allows me to coach a lot more effectively.

FreeAgent has allowed us to streamline our processes. It’s freeing up a couple of hours a day for everybody, and it’s also allowing us to be more consistent and targeted. Before, we had a team, but everyone was doing their own thing. FreeAgent has allowed us to be more consistent with how we do things and our results. Our reps can spend more time talking to brokers and the right brokers because they now know who they spoke to last, who is ready, and who needs more time. It allows everyone to work more efficiently.”

Doug Hansen 

VP of Wholesale | Newfi Wholesale

  • Greater visibility into prospect communications
  • Real-time overview of team activity
  • Data-driven insights for better assessment and coaching 
  • Detailed charts that are easy to digest
  • Gamifying metrics to drive the sales team
  • Codified processes that improve efficiency and consistency

The Solution

As Newfi began developing an entirely new department dedicated to outbound calling, they would face the many challenges that come with developing a whole new team. New systems and processes needed to be created. New skills and techniques needed to be trained out. Knowing what was working was critical to ensuring efficiency, which required real visibility into the day-to-day operations of their business. They knew how many calls they were making and how many invites they were sending out, but the efficacy of these interactions was a matter of the interpretation of results. To ensure that best practices could be developed and followed, Newfi needed to see exactly what was happening. 

Newfi began working with the team at FreeAgent to create dashboards and views that would translate all their activity into easy-to-digest charts that could be understood at a glance. Suddenly, they could see who was doing what in real-time, and the results could be compared across the team to get a true understanding of what was happening. The visibility into the chain of communications allowed for an in-depth analysis of what techniques were working, and those techniques could be shared easily, allowing for more effective coaching. This level of insight wasn’t just reserved for the leadership. Team members could check in with each other and see how they were performing compared to their peers. This could serve both as motivation and as an opportunity to develop peer-to-peer mentorship.

For Newfi, this is just the beginning. As they continue to develop their pipeline, they will be able to use the newfound visibility into their network to create more targeted outreach strategies. They will be able to see what services are more lucrative in what markets, and they will be able to streamline their proposals accordingly. This means more wins for their team members and more revenue for their business. As they continue to develop these processes, FreeAgent will be right there alongside them, offering guidance, support, and developing the new tools they need to keep growing.

The Impact

  • More efficient and targeted communications
  • Increased camaraderie through competitive collaboration
  • Reduced time spent compiling reports
  • Better coaching opportunities based on metrics-driven insights
  • More hours spent communicating with prospects

With the team at Newfi up and running with the FreeAgent platform, their efforts are bearing fruit. The increased visibility has led to the development of processes that are helping Newfi save time on the minutiae and focus on what’s most important. The implementation of daily task reminders has allowed the team to know what the day ahead brings without spending their mornings mapping it out. Email templates, coupled with client lists that can be filtered by stage, make communication faster and more consistent. The time each account executive saves is upwards of 10 hours a week, and that time can be directly invested into making more connections.

For the leadership team at Newfi, the results of the partnership with FreeAgent have been equally as fruitful. The insights they have at their fingertips allowing them to offer support to their team at the moment when it is needed. Preparing for meetings is also easier as all the information they track can be compiled into reports simply and easily. Once a report is created, the parameters can be saved, allowing the same report to be pulled daily, weekly, or monthly as required.

While saving time and improving efficiency are easy to measure, collaboration and camaraderie are harder to put a number to. With FreeAgent, the team at Newfi can see what each other is doing and healthy competition is a proven driver. The team now sends challenges back and forth, motivating each other to make one more call or send that one last invite. By working together they can accomplish more every single day.

Newfi is hard at work every day helping people invest in their future. The opportunities they provide open the door for people who have traditionally been left out. A secure future for more people means a secure future for America and that is the real impact of Newfi. FreeAgent is proud to be a part of such an endeavor and looks forward to accomplishing even more great things together.

What I like about the dashboards is that they give everyone exactly what they’re looking for without digging; they can click on something and see it right in front of them.

Just as an example, all of my widgets and reports are already made so I don’t have to go in and make them again before a meeting. I just go to the dashboard and view it. That for me is a lifesaver.

In our industry, timing is everything. If you are responding to an email from yesterday, then it’s already too late. If somebody is out of the office, they can go into their phone, see the dashboard, the contact history, and know what’s going on with a partner. That’s invaluable.

Our business is complex. FreeAgent makes sure it’s done right.”

Doug Hansen

VP of Wholesale | Newfi Wholesale

I like to call FreeAgent my personal assistant. It does everything for me. I don’t have to remember who is approved, who I spoke to, who I need to speak to… I don’t have to remember any of that. FreeAgent does it for me.

FreeAgent houses all of my info. It gives me everything at a glance. It has the answers to all my questions.

It used to take me upwards of 10 hours a day to do my job. Now it takes me closer to 6. I suddenly have more time to help more people and to focus on marketing and other key areas. It is such a huge improvement.

Danielle O’Keefe

Regional Account Executive | Newfi Wholesale

FreeAgent CRM Newfi Wholesale Customer Story


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