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FreeAgent Banyan Release Announcement!

Product Update December 12, 2021

Taco Tuesday

FreeAgent Product Update December 12, 2021

Next Steps are now Tasks

We’ve completely re-built task management, delivering you a large number of new capabilities via an App called Tasks. Tasks replaces Next Steps entirely. And delivering task management as an App gives you more power to personalize the system.

All your Next Steps have been migrated automatically to the new Tasks App.

Introducing Applets

Admins can now create Applets inside FreeAgent. You can use Applets to securely integrate 3rd party components directly into the FreeAgent Web UI using a floating panel. Applets carry all of the power of Apps – including giving you complete control over security, custom fields, and access to our complete reporting layer. Whether it’s integrating communication services like RingCentral, specialty quoting tools like PandaDocs, or cloud drive services from vendors like Google, the possibilities are limitless with Applets.

Support for OpenCTI

Now admins can integrate any OpenCTI compatible VOIP provider into FreeAgent using Applets. We’ve documented a reference implementation of RingCentral to help guide you.

New Apps Page

Now you can quickly browse all your Apps by clicking on the Apps icon in the FreeAgent header bar. Admins can use the Apps page to navigate to all of your App setup pages too!

New Custom App Colors

Now admins can choose a custom color for each of their Apps from the App Configuration screen.

App Actions from Cards!

Now you can quickly take actions like Edit, Delete, or even custom App Actions right from Cards. What a click saver! 

Quick Link to Related Records!

Now you can click on the ‘count’ in a related list and quickly navigate to a List View of all the related list records.

Access Related List from Cards

Now you can access any related list on your App card footer via its Icon. You can even perform actions on the related records without ever leaving the page you’re on.

Quick Add!

Now you can quickly add Tasks or any other App record right from a Related List. Customize what you want Quick Add to do – Admins can enable it per App and instruct FreeAgent on exactly how to create the new record. Wow!

Print to PDF!

Now you can print any view or dashboard page to PDF. Just click the icon on the far right of the title bar and select ‘Print to PDF.’ You will receive a notification once the PDF is ready; you can access the PDF from the notification. Note: the PDF is automatically saved as a URL so you can share it with your colleagues. Also! Admins can use this same print process to print any view or dashboard on a repeating schedule – like a Monday 8am report. Wow!

See List with Charts

Now you can optionally display a list of records beneath your charts. Like any list, you can choose which columns you want to see, reorder them, and save them for next time in a Saved View.

Total Your List Columns

Now you can show an Average, Max, Min, or Sum for Currency and Number fields in the column header on list views. 

Custom Colors & Icons for Choice Lists

Admins can now assign colors and icons for Choice List, Stage, and Boolean Fields. Colors will be used in lists, boards, and charts for clear and consistent reporting.

Scheduled Automations

Now admins can use a cron expression to schedule Automations. Use scheduled automations to print reports or do other repetitive work.

Other Great Improvements

  • New Personal Homepage
  • Define a Primary Action on Cards
  • Dynamic Filters!
  • Better Error Messages on Forms
  • See Calculated Fields While Editing a Record
  • Composite Sort
  • New Calendar View
  • Show Total on Chart and Board views
  • Support for OpenCTI
  • App Actions Meet Custom Client-Side Script
  • Trigger Automations Based on Datetime Fields
  • New ‘Boolean’ Field Type
  • New ‘Color’ Field Type
  • New ‘Duration’ Field Type
  • New ‘Email List’ Field Type
  • New ‘Record Reference’ Field Type
  • New ‘Schedule’ Field Type
  • Format Mask for Number Fields
  • Lock After Create
  • Team Member Reference Qualifiers
  • Form Rules
  • Hide or Show Form Sections
  • Set Dependent Fields via Form Rules

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