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FreeAgent vs Salesforce

#1 User-Rated Alternative to Salesforce

FreeAgent CRM is a powerful and affordable sales and marketing automation platform that integrates with dozens of the business software applications you use.

FreeAgent CRM’s three main advantages over Salesforce CRM are:

14    Days left in trial

Bring your teams and tools together in one place. Our CRM is certified by:

Welcome to the next generation of CRM

With modern software that unlocks visibility and productivity without all the complexity of Salesforce.

Comparing FreeAgent vs Salesforce

is like comparing Apple iPhone XR vs mobile phone 1st generation in the mid 90s. FreeAgent is outstanding in terms of customization, service, interface, simplicity and elegance. The entire user experience if rated on a scale of 1 to 10 is 10+… while I would rank Salesforce 1.”

Marc Kirst

CEO of Amazing Group LLC

FreeAgent CRM vs. Salesforce, head-to-head comparison


Per user cost

ZERO user pricing; only billed for usage (from $29/mo) $25/user/mo (Annual contract required)

Time to onboard

Usable out of the box A month or longer

Required startup costs

Thousands of dollars in technical setup, consulting, development, and training

Maintenance costs

No extra costs for a sales consultant or administrator Requires a paid Salesforce admin or an IT department to manage it

Contacts and data storage

10,000 Records
(Upgrade to 100,000 (from $295/mo) or 2M records(from $795/mo)
1 GB or 20 MB per user, whichever is greater

Free technical support

Live chat, phone, and email support Phone and chat support only available in pricier plans

Free mobile apps

Technical support

Phone, live chat, and email support

Fully customizable reporting and performance tracking

Automated email sequences

Only available on pricier plans

Marketing email templates with automations

Only available on pricier plans

Role-based access controls

Only available on pricier plans

Sales quota tracking

Only available on pricier plans

Pipeline management

Integration with Google Apps

Integrations with third-party software

Through Zapier (4000+ app integrations)

Costs extra

Note: Comparisons based on similarly priced packages (FreeAgent CRM Starter and Salesforce Sales Cloud Essentials)

Workdays full of impact

FreeAgent helps you work more collaboratively and track and improve performance.


increase in pipeline

FreeAgent gives me the agency to be experimental.

With other CRMs, it feels like you are working to benefit the CRM. With FreeAgent, it feels like the CRM is working to benefit you.”

Matt Espinoza

Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships

Powerful CRM for every budget.

FreeAgent helps you work more collaboratively and track and improve performance.

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