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The Top 10 Healthcare Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2023 (and where to start)

We made a list of the ten healthcare blogs that you should be reading in 2023.

A good healthcare blog balances entertainment with education to produce content that is relevant, informative, and easily digestible.  

While that doesn’t sound like a lot to ask, finding a healthcare blog that meets these requirements among the hundreds of options available can take a lot of time and effort.

We are here to help.

We spent hours reading through dozens of healthcare blogs to find the best of the best. 

The following is a list of the top 10 healthcare blogs you should be reading in 2023.

1. Medical News Today

Medical News Today is one of the fastest-growing medical news information sites in the US.  

Their team of curious and passionate writers guides their readers through the complex world of medical research, transforming data into insights that are accessible to all.

Medical News Today focuses on the most relevant topics to everyday Americans, providing the knowledge and tools to help people live healthier, happier lives.     

  • Where to start: Medical New Today covers a wide variety of topics, providing something of interest for readers of all types and needs. 

A recent article — Dementia: Does being socially isolated increase risk? — is a great example of what you can expect from the team at Medical News Today, providing insights grounded in research alongside actionable steps that can help improve lives and outcomes.

2. WebMD

WebMD is one of the most trusted and recognized names in the health information space. 

Their team analyzes the most important health topics of the day and presents them in a format that is easy to digest for the laymen and professional alike. 

Additionally, WebMD employs a Medical Editorial Board that analyzes all of its content to ensure factual accuracy, so you know the information you are getting is reliable.       

  • Where to start: The breadth of content available on WebMD makes finding something of interest to you a sure thing. 

Kids Do the Grossest Things, but What’s Really Dangerous? demonstrates the fun approach WebMD can take when presenting topics, while Excercise Could Be Your Best Defense Against COVID is a good example of their more serious content.

Healthcare Blogs: The Top 10 Healthcare Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2023 (and where to start)

3. Healthcare IT News

For more than 20 years, Healthcare IT News has provided deep editorial insights into the world of healthcare technology and its impacts on healthcare policy in the US.       

They explore topics such as data security, health information exchange, healthcare technology investment, AI, and more. Despite the technical nature of the topics discussed, Healthcare IT News presents the material in a way that is easy to understand regardless of expertise.

As part of the HIMSS Media group, Healthcare IT News has access to information and sources that few other news outlets can match.        

4. MedCity News

MedCity News is one of the top sources for content exploring healthcare trends and innovations in the US.     

With a focus on providing information to healthcare leaders, the topics covered by MedCity News are often quite specialized and technical compared to other medical news sites, allowing them to cover these topics in greater depth and detail.           

  • Where to start: Your area of expertise will be a big determinant of what topics you find interesting in the MedCity News blog, but their vast content library and high-volume release cycle will ensure there is something for every healthcare professional.

Dry(ish) January: How One Company Is Helping Consumers Drink in Moderation is an interesting article with a broad appeal that can serve as a great introduction to the MedCity News reporting style.

5. KevinMD

KevinMD is a platform that connects physicians, practitioners, nurses, medical students, and patients, allowing them to share their insight and expertise with each other and the world.    

Founded by Dr. Kevin Pho in 2004, KevinMD is unique in that its contributors are industry professionals first and content creators second, giving their articles a “boots on the ground” feel that no other healthcare news site can provide.    

  • Where to start: Several new articles are released on KevinMD daily, so finding something you like shouldn’t take long. 

Balancing motherhood and medical school: tips from those who’ve done it and The endless race: How to find peace in a world obsessed with productivity are two excellent examples of the perspective-driven content KevinMD is known for.

6. The Hill | Healthcare News

The healthcare news page of The Hill is an excellent resource for keeping up to date with the latest healthcare news in the US.

It serves as a new round-up site that collects and gathers the most interesting and relevant healthcare topics from a multitude of sources and highlights them for their audience.

  • Where to start: The Hill’s healthcare news landing page presents the top trending topics of the last few months and is a great place to visit weekly.
Healthcare Blogs: The Top 10 Healthcare Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2023 (and where to start)
Healthcare Blogs: The Top 10 Healthcare Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2023 (and where to start)

7. The Atlantic | Health Magazine

The health page of The Atlantic takes a subversive approach to healthcare news, providing a unique perspective that is playful and informative. 

There are articles to be found here that you won’t find on any other news site. Many of the topics are explored through a sociological/anthropological lens, providing fresh (and often surprising) insights. 

  • Where to start: The Case for ‘Kraken’ delivers exactly what you can expect from the Atlantic — a fun and informative look at a serious topic that provides a compelling argument that belies its tone.

8. Harvard Health Blog

The Harvard Health Blog gathers the insights and opinions of the thousands of medical professionals and healthcare leaders that make up the Harvard Health Publishing community and makes them accessible to the masses.

With so many voices contributing to the content, you never know what you will find in the Harvard Health Blog, making this an excellent site for those who just want to find a nice rabbit hole to fall down.       

  • Where to start: Half the fun of the Harvard Health Blog is just scrolling through and finding the topics that interest and/or surprise you, so we won’t recommend any article in particular.

9. Healthcare Dive

Healthcare Dive provides in-depth analysis of the top trending news in the healthcare sector. 

More than just a news round-up site, Healthcare Dive’s team of journalists provides a deeper look into the issues of the day, focusing on how policy, regulation, technology, and politics impact the healthcare industry as a whole.      

  • Where to start: Healthcare Dive reports on the most relevant and popular topics in healthcare at the moment, and as such, many of the recommendations we make will be old news by the time you read this.

Key trends for payers and providers in 2023 offers a good look at the type of comprehensive coverage you can expect from Healthcare Dive and will stay relevant for a while.

10. The Health Care Blog

The Health Care Blog is the industry’s go-to source for news that focuses on the business side of healthcare.

Contributors to The Health Care Blog come from a wide variety of backgrounds and roles within the healthcare sector and this lends to a content library that offers a varied perspective.   

Healthcare Blogs: The Top 10 Healthcare Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2023 (and where to start)

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