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In-Line Editing and So Much More…

Product Update June 22, 2021

Taco Tuesday

FreeAgent Product Update June 22, 2021

In-Line Edit

Now you can edit records right from the Information Panel! Super cool!

FreeAgent Taco Tuesday CRM In-Line Edit

Multi-Language Support

Now you can run in multiple languages for a single organization. Customers have complete control over the translation labels for all their Apps, Fields, Choice Lists, etc.
FreeAgent Taco Tuesday CRM Multi-language Support

Bulk App Actions

Now admins can create Bulk App Actions for List Views!

App Menus Go Mobile

Now you can take advantage of your App Menus on the Mobile App!

FreeAgent CRM Taco Tuesday App Menus Go Mobile

Full-Width Fields

Now admins can specify a Form Field as “Full Width” for their 2-column form layouts.
FreeAgent CRM Taco Tuesdays Full-Width Views

Better Access Control Lists

Now Access Control Lists (ACLs) support Multi-Select, making it faster for admins to set up and manage ACLs. Also we’ll now add default access control rules whenever you create an App.

FreeAgent CRM Taco Tuesdays Better Access Control Lists

Hiding Fields on Forms

Now when admins hide fields via Form Rules it will apply not only to create and edit, but also viewing app record details.

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