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May is for Merging (Records)!

Product Update May 4, 2021

Taco Tuesday

FreeAgent Product Update May 4, 2021

Merge Records

Now you can de-dupe any App’s records via the Merge action with a single click!
Please note: Merging records with Lines is not yet supported.

Duplicate Records

Now you can use ‘Duplicate’ to quickly copy any App record. What a huge time saver! ‘Duplicate’ can be used on Apps with Lines too (e.g. Quotes).

Re-Order Favorites

Now you can re-order your Favorites however works best for you. Simply click on the ‘Star’ and there you are!

Multiple Menus

Now admins can define multiple menus to keep your App menu organized and easier-to-navigate.

New 'File' Field Type

Now admins can add a ‘File’ field type to any App. Use it to easily upload files (pictures, videos, sound files, documents, and more) to any App record.

Manage Choice Lists by App

Now admins (including App Admins) can manage Choice Lists in each App.

Applets and Apps Combine

Applet management has been simplified! Now you can manage your Applets and Apps from App Settings instead of in two places.

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