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Medical Device Podcast Review: Top 10

We spent hours listening to different medical device podcasts, summarized and ranked each one to help you cut through the noise and find your favorites faster. Here are the best medical device podcasts of 2022 for industry executives, sales and marketing pros, and technical advice.

A good podcast balances entertainment with education to produce content perfectly suited for a morning run, lunchtime break, or long drive home. Yet, so many podcasts are now produced daily that finding a good one can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.  

Even within a niche like the medical device space, there are dozens of options, and sampling even a small subset can take a ton of time.

We spent hours listening to different medical device podcasts, summarized and ranked each one to help you cut through the noise and find your favorites faster. 

Here are the best medical device podcasts of 2022 for industry executives, sales and marketing pros, and technical advice.

The best medical device podcasts for industry executives

These podcasts cover thought leadership, trends, strategy, and industry regulations.

1. Med Device Today

A newcomer to the medical device podcast space, Med Device Today is already creating buzz with its fresh approach, compelling discussions, and insights from top industry professionals. 

Episodes of Med Device Today are well-edited and polished, lending to shorter run times (usually about 30 minutes) than some of the other podcasts on this list — making them easily consumable in a single sitting and worth every minute. Excellent production quality and compelling content makes you forget they are just getting started.

2. DeviceTalks

DeviceTalks is a medical device podcast that takes a more conversational approach when tackling the subjects of the day. 

Attracting some of the top minds in MedTech, DeviceTalks is as much a forum of ideas as it is facts. You will learn about the lives and passions of the show’s guests and gain insight from their experiences in the medical device industry and beyond.    

  • Where to start: Picking an episode of DeviceTalks is less about finding a topic that interests you and more about finding a guest you like. 

DeviceTalks interview with Sally Saba, MD, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer at Medtronic, is a great episode to start with, as she is an interesting and compelling speaker with a unique experience to share.

3. The Global Medical Device Podcast

For more than seven years, the Global Medical Device Podcast team at Greenlight Guru has been hosting experts from around the medical device industry, alongside members of their own talented team, to talk about the most compelling topics in the world of medical device manufacture.  

The Global Medical Device Podcast will hold you captive with its trending topic selection and insightful guests. 

  • Where to start: With such an expansive library, we recommend not going back too far into the archives unless you want to fall down a deep rabbit hole. 

Our favorite episode is Building a Culture of Quality from May of this year. The topic is interesting and relevant for any business, making it a great episode to try out.

4. Med Tech Gurus

The Med Tech Gurus Podcast is aimed at the top of the corporate ladder, offering advice and expertise to the leaders in medical device manufacturing. Executives and directors can gain valuable insights from interviews with the thought leaders and innovators who are paving the way forward in the Medtech industry. 

Despite its leadership focus, the almost philosophical approach to the topics discussed in these interviews leads to open-ended discussions that go beyond the nuances of specific technologies, regulations, and roles, making each episode broadly reaching enough to appeal to a wide range of listeners.         

It’s important to Hustle is a fun episode that covers a broad range of topics and really drives you to get out there and go for it.

FreeAgent CRM Top 10 Medical Device Podcasts

5. Medical Device Made Easy Podcast

If you are a MedTech company looking to bring your medical device to market, the Medical Device Made Easy Podcast is an excellent resource. 

This podcast focuses on the regulations and processes that make medical device manufacture so challenging and simplifies them in a way that only a true industry expert like Monir El Azzouzi can.   

  • Where to start: The Medical Device Made Easy Podcast covers a range of regulatory topics that will vary in relevance for the listener.  

The Medical Device News – Regulatory Update episodes are released monthly and offer valuable pieces of industry news. We suggest adding them to your recurring listening lineup.

6. Medical Device Success

The Medical Device Success Podcast is aimed at helping new and emerging leaders in the medical device space succeed with advice on culture, sales, marketing, and business strategy. 

The topics discussed on this podcast are broader than most medical device podcasts, tending to focus more on the roles and people of the industry than on the technical aspects of Medtech.  

  • Where to start: The Medical Device Success Podcast has a little something for everyone, from executives to sales reps. 

The episode Win, Win, Win in the C-Suite with Wael Barsoum is a good representation of the thought leadership you can expect from this podcast.

The best medical device podcasts for sales and marketing pros

These podcasts cover sales strategies, marketing tips, and other topics of interest to those looking to sell and promote medical device products.

1. Device Nation

Device Nation is popular for its entertaining and enlightening interviews with the US’s top doctors and medical minds. 

Host Kevin Brown is a friendly and welcoming presence that has a way of pulling deep insights from his guest’s experiences. While there is much to be learned about the medical device space by listening to this podcast, you will learn just as much about sports, travel, culture, and life.         

2. Mastering Medical Device

With the Mastering Medical Device Podcast, host Pat Kothe leverages his years of industry experience to help others navigate the ever-shifting world of medical device manufacturing. 

A wide range of guests provide unique insights from across the Medtech industry, making this podcast a valuable listen for anyone in the medical device space.              

It is episodes like this that make Mastering Medical Device such a popular podcast and it serves as a good introduction to the series.

The best medical device podcasts for technical advice

These podcasts cater to listeners with deep technical knowledge of the medical device industry. That said, our top picks manage to balance education with entertainment.

1. Device Advice by RQM+

The team at Device Advice by RQM+ takes a roundtable approach when tackling some of the most impactful subjects in medical device manufacture and Medtech. 

The topics discussed in these podcasts tend to be more technical than others you’ll find on this list, but the regular panel of experts at RQM+ presents the information in a digestible and relatable way.           

  • Where to start: The topics that interest you in the Device Advice library will vary based on your business and role. That said, PSUR’s — Ready, Set, Go! is a good launch point. The panel’s expertise is on full display in this episode and the topic is relevant for many medical device manufacturers.

2. MedTech Matters

Since 2017, MedTech Matters has been exploring the world of medical device manufacturing in a podcast that does not shy away from complex topics about industry technology, regulations, and trends.   

Despite a library that leans on the technical side, Medtech Matters is popular even among casual listeners because it keeps every topic relevant and interesting.  

  • Where to start: With topics ranging from cybersecurity, to medical device recall, and everything in between, there is sure to be something to interest you in the Medtech Matters playlist.  

We recommend starting with Aidoc is Improving Patient Outcomes Through AI. This episode is a great example of what to expect from the MedTech Matters podcast, as it covers a complicated topic aimed at a specific group (radiologists) and makes it accessible to anybody listening.

FreeAgent CRM Top 10 Medical Podcasts
FreeAgent CRM Top 10 Medical Device Podcasts

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