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More New Charts Are Here!

Product Update April 14, 2021

Taco Tuesday

FreeAgent Product Update April 4, 2021

Personalize Icon Styles

Now you can personalize your App icon styles by selecting from 3 options: Solid, Regular, and Light. Available from the Preferences page in Settings.

Simpler View Management

Now you can save changes to a view without a popup! Whoa. And you can delete a view without having to navigate to Manage Views! So why ever use Manage Views again? Because! You can now bulk delete views there. Shazam!

App Admins are here!

Now you can assign app ownership and control to a new role called App Administrator.

This allows you to more precisely and securely divide up administrative responsibilities across various business areas. And don’t worry! You can still have super admins too. 🙂 

Manage Automations from App Settings

Now admins and app admins can manage automations for any App from the App Settings.

Add Dashboards as Menu Items

Now admins can add their most important dashboards as menu items to any App! 

New Waterfall Chart!

Now you can use the new waterfall charts to show you cumulative data over time or any other x-axis dimension.

New Line Chart!

Simple or multi-series line charts add another way to visualize trends and relationships, typically over a set period of time.

New Grouped Column Chart!

Now you can compare and analyze data points, grouped by sub-categories in a new way that clearly indicates trends!

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