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Dynamic Plants is continuing to grow and evolve. We needed a CRM we could grow with while allowing us to change and adapt. We found that in FreeAgent.”

Dynamic Plants 

Fort Lupton, CO


Ornamental Horticulture

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100% adoption rate 💯

⚡️ 6x increase in employee activity  

2x faster follow-ups

35% increase in revenue

  • Technology-oriented
    Utilizing technology to optimize opportunity
  • Community-focused
    Building bridges to connect communities
  • Industry Expertise
    Sharing knowledge, supporting development
  • Innovation and Savvy
    Insight-driven advancements 

Our main goal is to make new and unique plants accessible to retailers. We want our platform to be an avenue for breeders and growers to showcase their availabilities and make it easier for retailers to purchase those products.

Within our platform, a retailer can place an order from a grower, or a grower can order seeds from a breeder, and all of the order information is communicated to them through an EDI. This is new and exciting because it connects breeders, growers, and retailers on one platform.

Our business is continually evolving. We needed a CRM that was dynamic and flexible. Once we found FreeAgent and discovered how easy it was to customize and modify ourselves, we knew it was the right fit for our company.

Brett Verbeek

CEO | Dynamic Plants

Creating connections through technlogoy 

The retail ornamental horticulture industry encompasses a vast network of breeders, growers, and retailers from all across the world. While these groups all work towards a common purpose, they largely function as disparate interests that operate independently. At Dynamic Plants, that is something they are looking to change. Their deep industry roots, coupled with a technology platform that is modern and easy-to-use, is helping growers bring their products to market while providing retailers access to a variety of unique and exotic plants sought after by enthusiasts. The Dynamic Plants platform is a bridge that connects the industry and allows smaller, independent breeders and growers to reach a wider audience. 

The success that the team at Dynamic Plants has had is a great indication of the need for their services. In fact, since launching their company only a few years ago, their product offering has grown to include specialized greenhouse equipment as well as expert advice and consultation on how to optimize grower operations. While this growth and development is something to be celebrated, it doesn’t come without challenges. Being agile and adaptable requires insight and coordination as well systems and processes that one can change and evolve. To ensure they had everything they needed to serve their customers the way they envisioned, the team at Dynamic Plants set to find a toolset that could help. When they found FreeAgent, they saw a company like themselves  a company that was modern, flexible, and led with industry expertise. The FreeAgent platform had all the tools Dynamic Plants needed to take their business to the next level, and together, that is exactly what they did.

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The team at Dynamic Plants had the vision and savvy to help those in the ornamental horticulture space succeed. They needed a set of systems and processes that could help them do so with consistency and efficiency. Having a group of high-performing stars is great. Still, their talents are not being optimized if they are spending time lost in the day-to-day minutiae of data entry and retrieval or wasting hours away performing redundant tasks. Dynamic Plants recognized this and began working with FreeAgent to codify and simplify their daily operations while increasing visibility for their whole team so they could collaborate more effectively. 

Another challenge for the Dynamic Plants team is the need for a platform that their reps can use while they are on the road. Being able to go where they are needed, when they are needed, is a key function of the services Dynamic Plants provides and ensuring that they can offer the same level of care and support regardless of location or access to a computer is essential.

We looked at several different CRMs, and what ultimately sold me on FreeAgent was the ability to communicate with customers from directly within the platform.

Every call and email is logged and time-stamped, and we can see the contents of an email or the length of a call. We can see any notes attached to the communication, or the responses to it. We can do everything right there in FreeAgent and have a complete history of everything we have done.”

Brett Verbeek

CEO | Dynamic Plants

The team at Dynamic Plants needed to:

  • Centralized their account data
  • Improve collaboration 
  • Evaluate performance to optimize their marketing campaigns 
  • Codify their processes 
  • Align Messaging 

The Google Maps integration with FreeAgent is a feature we love. We can use the mobile app to select the customers we want to see, and FreeAgent creates a route for us in Google Maps. Now that is a handy feature! 

We can send tasks from within the FreeAgent mobile app when we’re on the road. That helps our team to follow up with an opportunity right away. We want to deliver the best service possible, and FreeAgent is helping us do that.

FreeAgent’s email analytics have helped us evaluate our marketing campaigns and improve our cadences accordingly. Having all of our metrics so accessible is a big help for us.”

Brett Verbeek

CEO | Dynamic Plants

The Solution

When the team at FreeAgent sat down with Dynamic Plants to help them address the challenges they faced, they helped create a plan that Dynamic Plants could implement right away. First, FreeAgent showed the Dynamic Plants team how easy it was to import all their account information into FreeAgent, transforming a series of spreadsheets and documents into a centralized repository of customer knowledge. This data was now much more accessible thanks to the advanced search and filter features of the FreeAgent platform. The next step was integrating the Dynamic Plants call system into FreeAgent. Now, calls could be made right from within the platform, which meant their reps didn’t have to jump from one application to another, wasting time and drawing away focus. Every call was also logged and time-stamped so everyone could see when a customer was last contacted and by whom. Emails functioned much the same way. Suddenly, the whole Dynamic Plants team could see the communication history of all of their clients quickly and easily. With these preliminary steps taken, Dynamic Plants was now able to see the status of their customer accounts, track their team’s activities, create stunning and easy-to-digest reports, assign tasks remotely, design efficient workflows and processes, and much more. 

Going forward, the Dynamic Plants team has plans to implement targeted marketing campaigns based on accurate and up-to-date analytics, create custom email templates to align messaging and save time, and explore their processes to find opportunities to further utilize FreeAgent’s advanced automation and workflow features. As Dynamic Plants continues to grow and evolve, FreeAgent will be there to offer the guidance, support, and the tools they need to take their business wherever it needs to go. 

The Impact

The partnership between Dynamic Plants and FreeAgent has led to noticeable and measurable improvements for the Dynamic Plants team. Their reps are not only saving time every day thanks to the increased visibility into their customer communications that the FreeAgent platform provides, but the quality of their customer interactions is improving too. Seeing what was discussed with a customer previously or having accurate notes regarding a customer’s inquiry helps demonstrate Dynamic Plants’ care for its customers. Having more time also means that the Dynamic Plants team can reach out to more potential customers, leading to more revenue and a fuller, more robust pipeline. 

When looking at the impacts that the FreeAgent platform helps provide, numbers don’t tell the whole story. Improved systems and processes lead to better, more fulfilling workdays. Employees are happier, and this happiness comes across to customers and investors alike. Furthermore, having a powerful and adaptable toolset gives the leadership team at Dynamic Plants the confidence to try new things and branch out into different areas. For a company that is growing at the rate of Dynamic Plants, this is essential. 

Going forward, the sky’s the limit for the Dynamic Plants team. Their industry know-how positions them to help growers and breeders bring goods to market in new ways that will help to ensure the success of the industry long-term. Their expertise and industry connections will also help growers gain access to top-of-field equipment that will allow them to grow more efficiently and effectively. What all of this means for the future remains to be seen, but with FreeAgent in their corner and at their fingertips, Dynamic Plants will be able to navigate the road ahead with agility and insight.

  • More efficient communications while remote with the FreeAgent mobile app 
  • Faster cycle time
  • 2x faster follow-ups
  • Increased Revenue 
  • Improved lead targeting 
  • Reduced time spent inputting / retrieving data

FreeAgent’s data segmentation allows us to be more targeted with our marketing campaigns. If we have a client who only buys foliage, we can send that customer offers for foliage. That is important because nothing gets you to put into the junk folder faster than getting a bunch of offers for products you’re not interested in.

We spend a lot less time researching a customer’s history because everything we need to know is captured in their activity timeline. Notes, previous communications, order history— all of it is easily accessible, and that saves the team a lot of time.”

Brett Verbeek

CEO | Dynamic Plants


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