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FreeAgent helps us eliminate the minutia so we can focus on our mission: helping students achieve.”

Home Tutoring Plus

Auburn, CA


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100% Adoption Rate 💯

Avg 16 hrs/wk employee time saved 
($90k+ annual cost-savings)

Eliminated 1000’s+ of spreadsheets

⚡ Reduced new-hire training time


Home Tutoring Plus has been helping students to reach their full scholastic potential for over 20 years. Their experience and expertise allow them to connect highly qualified tutors and teachers with students and families to help those students achieve at their highest level.

Home Tutoring Plus provides one-on-one, non-prescriptive tutoring that focuses on the needs of the individual student. Their network of compassionate and caring tutors employ a variety of techniques to discover a student’s interests and learning style and then tailors specific lessons to help that student build confidence and find their passion.

With Home Tutoring Plus students can receive help with virtually any subject. Lessons go beyond the classroom and include helping students develop habits to help them learn at home and on their own. Students learn effective study techniques that transcend specific school subjects and provide the tools needed to be successful in any area of study.

“It has become very clear students have fallen behind and that’s a country-wide problem. Every day we’re seeing students who have fallen behind and there’s a lot of mental health issues that go along with that. FreeAgent helps us eliminate the minutia so we can focus on our mission.”

Our mission is to find the best connection between the student and the tutor. This is ultimately what we do.”


Home Tutoring Plus was excelling at what mattered most to them, making connections. They had a diverse network of accomplished educators looking to make a difference and there was no shortage of students that needed their help. The real challenge for them, like so many other businesses, was the loss of time bookkeeping and cataloging all of the data required to keep track of each individual student and their tutor and more effectively know where they were in each stage of the process. Home Tutoring Plus wanted to increase the ease with which they could collaborate with teachers, tutors, students, and their families ensure a more consistent experience.

Another challenge for Home Tutoring Plus was managing the high volume of calls and emails they receive daily. As a company that prides itself on providing the highest quality care for its students and families, Home Tutoring Plus wanted to ensure that nothing and no one was falling through the cracks.

Home Tutoring Plus needed a partner that could help with  the minutiae of the day to day business operations so they could have more time to do what they do best, help students achieve.

Trying to collaborate through the Google Drive we used was piecemeal. Managing all those Google Sheets and the duplication of data lead us to start looking for the right CRM.”

  • High daily volume of calls and emails

  • Loss of time bookkeeping and cataloging data

  • Rampant duplication of data

  • Needed to ensure nothing – and no one – was falling through the cracks

We can enter a few key bits of information and that creates the Google Sheet; that is a tremendous time saver. 

This is a huge driver behind our 16+ hours saved per week.”

  • Integrations with all our favorite tools, like Google Sheets and Quickbooks

  • Improved communications flow between student, tutor, families

  • Time-tracking along with the Quickbooks integration help us get our tutors paid

The Solution

FreeAgent provided Home Tutoring Plus with a way to manage their data faster and more efficiently. This has allowed Home Tutoring Plus a better overview of where each student is within their program. 

They can now more readily see the contact chain between student and tutor as well as any communications with the families allowing them to resolve issues faster. Additional integrations with Quickbooks have helped make the complexities of their unique payroll simpler.

FreeAgent is the hub in the middle of all the systems and workflows.”

FreeAgent helps us eliminate the minutia so we can focus on our mission.”

FreeAgent helps a company to better solve customer service issues.

New hires are able to jump in and use FreeAgent much more quickly than the old system. It reduces training time – the team can begin interacting with customers much sooner.

We have our whole team on FreeAgent, and everyone uses it a ton! Introducing new systems to the team can come with some challenges, but the change management with FreeAgent has been relatively easy.

I feel FreeAgent is aligned with our values. It comes down to the people that I’ve worked directly as well as your aggressive goals to make the software better than it was yesterday.

As we’ve had challenges, the team has been there for us along the way.”

Jeremy West

CEO & General Manager | Home Tutoring Plus

The Impact

FreeAgent is now being used by all of Home Tutoring Plus’s employees. The adoption of FreeAgent has saved them on average 16+ hours a week by integrating with the other systems they were using, reducing redundancies and data duplication. Time saved translates directly to money saved and any business can appreciate that.

Training new employees has become faster and easier as well. With a simpler, centralized system, new hires spend less time getting up to speed on the processes of their roles and are able to more quickly get to the important work making those connections.

No longer do things fall through the cracks or get placed on the back burner. In fact, Home Tutoring Plus can now begin to spend time looking at things like cycle tracking, which could help them to see how long it takes a student to move from one stage of the program to another. This data could help refine their program so they can reach even more students and build even more successful connections.

Connecting students in need to tutors that can help is world-changing work especially in this generation of students who need it now more than ever. Our team at FreeAgent is excited to continue to support such an inspiring company.

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