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We’re a People-First company. We believe if we take care of our employees and we take care of our customers, everything else will take care of itself.”

Port TMS

Overland Park,  KS


Logistics & Supply Chain

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+25% increase in closed-won deals

Employee admin reduced 14hrs/wk ⚡

Running reports is 10x faster 💯

Leveling the playing field

In 2018, Port TMS came to market with a plan to propel the freight industry into the modern age through the use of next-generation, transportation management software. Their customer-focused team empowers their clients to compete in an industry of giants, leveling the playing field through innovation, service, and value.

With over 50 years of industry experience at the helm, Port TMS is uniquely qualified to lead the way forward. They know the industry because they are in the industry, and their expertise provides their customers an edge in an increasingly competitive environment.

Port TMS is changing the way that transportation management is done. Their full-cycle approach to operational management increases efficiency and reduces minutiae, allowing their customers to focus on what really matters.

The freight industry powers our country, and Port TMS empowers players of all sizes to be competitive in a field that is dominated by big business. By offering powerful tools at an affordable rate, they are allowing players of all sizes to be competitive in a field that is dominated by big business.

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Our top priority is exceptional customer service.

Everyone at Port TMS loves what they do. We’re passionate to come to work everyday and this shines through to our customers – we work together as a team, we don’t believe in being siloed in our customer interactions.

Whether it’s developing our software or thinking about what’s next, we collaborate with and learn from our customers directly.

Our customers encompass multiple audiences and personas. We work with people who are loading docks and driving trucks, as well as leaders in the C-suite.

Everybody in business has a goal to grow — and you can’t grow your business using an antiquated operating system, or a new system that’s feature-deficient.

We’re here to help our clients realize their dreams. Collaboration and communication is very important to us. We put forth maximum effort with as much passion as possible.”

Mark Groves

VP of Sales | Port TMS

  • Obsessively Responsive
    Our customers are our top priority

  • Continuous Improvement
    Listening with curiosity and empathy 
  • Maximum Effort
    Putting our all into everything we do 


When Port TMS decided to bring their innovative software to market, they knew they would need a CRM to help their sales team manage clients in a way that was consistent with the high level of customer service they already deliver. They did their research and explored many CRM options before discovering FreeAgent.

While Pipedrive met some requirements initially, ultimately it was not powerful enough to deliver on customization and integrations.

Port TMS needed something that didn’t feel like an add-on, but rather, operated as a part of their existing platform. They wanted something that could adapt to and work seamlessly with their existing workflows and collaboration style as well as integrate seamlessly with their applications.

Enter FreeAgent CRM. Unlike the other options that Port TMS had explored, FreeAgent was adaptable and dynamic. The vision Port TMS had for a fully integrated and seamless experience suddenly seemed possible.

We had always worked heavily in spreadsheets. We explored Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce over the years. The way we wanted to customize and scale, none of these solutions worked for us.

Then, we discovered FreeAgent. I had three core needs; integrate with our software, help us with project management, and provide better tools for my sales team. FreeAgent checked all of these boxes.

Working with the FreeAgent team has been outstanding, especially after years of poor experiences with other vendors. I immediately had confidence in the FreeAgent team and solution to deliver.

We also appreciate that each user can have their own unique user-experience within the FreeAgent platform. I knew that my team would fall in love with it when they saw it.”

The team at Port TMS needed to:

  • Integrate with their software 
  • Gain faster insights into cross-team goals, tasks, and progress
  • Empower the sales team
  • Manage and optimize prospect follow-up time
  • Manage implementation projects
  • Gain visibility into team activities across the organization 
  • Spend their workday in modern, enjoyable software
FreeAgent CRM managing relationships in manufacturing
FreeAgent CRM for manufacturing, GP Reeves, Moley Magnetics

We have meetings that are quicker, higher quality, better-organized, and more time-efficient. 

We now use FreeAgent to run our sales meetings; instead of our sales leader having to manually take and review notes.

Plus, the Account 360 and Activity Timeline features allow me to skip meetings with my team without missing a beat.

New people who come into the company can immediately gain context into the account history and identify opportunities for renewed relationships and upsells.

FreeAgent allows our team to have better communication. Our Analyst, Customer Success, Implementation, Sales, and Dev teams are all on the same page. 

Less time, less work. Everything is right there; all of us know what’s going on.”

Mark Groves

VP of Sales | Port TMS

The Solution

We needed a CRM platform that works seamlessly with the Port TMS experience for our customers — FreeAgent is that solution.”

For Port TMS, implementing a CRM was about more than just managing their own internal sales and operations (though that was an important consideration as well). They wanted something that could integrate with their own software to provide their customers with more tools. This kind of cross-platform synchronicity was the foundation of their business, after all. So, when Port TMS found FreeAgent CRM, the two began working together to realize this vision. 

The process of integrating the two software platforms has required input and collaboration from both parties. Port TMS are the experts in their field, and they know what their industry needs. FreeAgent knows enterprise software, and they know it better than anybody. Combined, this tandem has created something uniquely tailored to help companies in the freight hauling industry thrive through increased efficiency, greater visibility, and seamless coordination.

The Impact

In only a short time, Port TMS has realized significant efficiency gains in the day-to-day operations of their business. Meetings are faster and more productive, visibility is improved and cross-team collaboration is easier than ever.

One of the key advancements across the board has been reporting. Unique views for each team member allows for beautiful, customizable Dashlets that provide at-a-glance insights into the metrics that matter most for each employee. These views can be shared in meetings and with other team members quickly and easily, with little to no prep time.

Another key benefit for the Port TMS leadership team has been the ability to manage sales and implementations through one platform. Leaders can now see how each team member is doing at the moment, without the need to check multiple programs or set up a meeting to receive a progress report. Coupled with the Task Management capabilities of FreeAgent, delegation has never been easier. 

As the partnership between port TMS and FreeAgent CRM continues to grow, so too will the impacts this partnership has on the freight industry as a whole. This is important work.

The freight industry is the foundation upon which the infrastructure of the entire country is built. The continued support and development of this vital supply network is integral to the success of our nation. The Port TMS team is leading the charge forward, with technology, experience, and savvy to propel the freight industry into the future. They are the next generation of transportation management, and FreeAgent is proud to partner with Port TMS and support their vision.

FreeAgent is proud to partner with Port TMS and supports them in their efforts.

  • Closed-deals increased by 25%
  • Access reports quickly and easily — 10x faster
  • Enjoy reliability and uptime over 99%
  • Employee admin reduced 14hrs/wk
  • High-adoption; more users being added
  • More efficient meetings
  • Visibility into teams daily activity 
  • Less busywork, more time for customers
  • New relationships fostered

Since we’ve been using FreeAgent, we’ve already added several deals we would not have otherwise, resulting in a 25% increase in our closed deals

The Dashlets we’ve set up show me all the information. We used to have to jump around to find the information we needed. The reporting engine makes this much quicker in FreeAgent, probably 10X faster!

Up-time is huge for me and FreeAgent has a consistent and reliable uptime of over 99%. 

The big thing is the amount of time it saves for me every single day, being able to manage my sales team and my implementations team from one platform.

Before FreeAgent, we had to go back and forth between multiple applications and that was costing us time and clarity.

FreeAgent helps me to empower my team so that I’m not leading every project. It gives me complete visibility into all implementations, to track them through stages and make sure goals are being met, while being able to personally focus more on high-level KPIs and growth opportunities.”

Mark Groves

VP of Sales | Port TMS


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