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We’re always trying to be the best we can be. FreeAgent helps us achieve that.”

Royal Palm Properties

Fort Lauderdale, FL


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    Our community is our only focus
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Royal Palm is unique in the fact that we only service one community. Most Real Estate agencies try to go wherever they can, but we are 100% committed to Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club.

We try to pair our buyers with their dream homes while at the same time providing a level of service that is unmatched by anybody in our industry.

Before FreeAgent, we used Outlook and Excel spreadsheets to organize our data. We wanted to find a better way to manage our daily business and that led us to seek out a CRM. We were looking for a customizable solution that could pair our clients, vendors, and properties together. We wanted everything to be accessible in one place so we could be more organized. In FreeAgent, we found exactly what we were looking for.”

FreeAgent CRM Royal Palm Properties Case Study

John Knapp

Creative Marketing Director | Royal Palm Properties

Committed to Community, Dedicated to Service

For more than 30 years, Royal Palm Properties has been proudly serving the Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club community, providing high-end real estate services to their exclusive clientele. Their commitment and dedication to this community have allowed Royal Palm Properties to offer an unmatched level of experience and expertise that ensures the best outcomes for their buyers and sellers alike. 

The team at Royal Palm Properties is headed by the top broker in the region, David W. Roberts, who is a long-time resident of the neighborhood and an active community member. His long-standing relationships and deep community roots have helped him build a company that is founded on service, professionalism, and unparalleled knowledge.

While the team at Royal Palm Properties had no lack of experience and know-how, they did want to improve the way they were managing the day-to-day operations of their business. Real estate is among the most customer-centric industries in America and the team at Royal Palm wanted to ensure they were offering the best experience possible to their clients. To that end, they sought a set of tools that could help them streamline their processes, centralize their communications, and improve their working relationships. They needed something that was as adaptable as they were, something that could be customized to address the unique challenges they faced. What they found was FreeAgent CRM, an enterprise software platform that was sleek, modern, and user-configurable. FreeAgent was easy-to-use and offered a robust toolset that could not only help their team collaborate more effectively but could also make it easier for Royal Palm Properties to demonstrate their expertise and deliver on their commitment to providing their clients with the best service on the market.

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Royal Palm Properties had been successful for years relying on the skill and knowledge base of their incredible talent. Their team knew each other well and understood how to work together effectively. That said, working from a collection of spreadsheets and shared documents is not the most efficient business structure and this posed a challenge when onboarding new team members or when collaborating on complex projects. Time was being wasted searching through long chains of email communications in order to get up to speed on a client, or perusing old forms, contracts, and agreements to learn more about a property.

Another challenge for Royal Palm was the complicated nature of property management. A single property can have dozens of vendors and contacts associated with it and getting the best value for that property requires insight and visibility. Knowing what work has been done on the property, having access to the trail of ownership, being aware of current offers, as well as understanding what is happening on the surrounding properties are all vital pieces of information that can be hard to keep abreast of. Missing even a single component can mean the difference between closing a deal or losing one.

Our community has 750 home sights. We have multiple families, contacts, and vendors that we need to be connected with those home sights. Our goal was to find a platform that could concisely tie everything together. That is exactly what we found in FreeAgent.

A lot of the information we track is unique and specific. That’s why it was so important for us to find a CRM that we could customize ourselves. We wanted the ability to organize our data in such a way that we could deliver the best service possible to our clients.”

FreeAgent CRM Royal Palm Properties Case Study

John Knapp

Creative Marketing Director | Royal Palm Properties

The team at Royal Palm Properties needed to:

  • Centralize their account data
  • Improve client communications
  • Increase visibility across their team 
  • Simplify their marketing campaign processes

FreeAgent has improved our ability to organize our mailing lists, buyer lists, and lead lists. This has allowed us to be more targeted in our reach-outs and campaigns. Before FreeAgent, we would discover a list had not been updated or find that a list was incomplete. Now, everything is accurate and up to date. 

We have also grown our contacts list substantially. This has required us to be more organized in order to manage it more effectively. FreeAgent has helped us do that.

FreeAgent CRM Royal Palm Properties Case Study

John Knapp

Creative Marketing Director | Royal Palm Properties

The Solution

When it came to addressing the challenges faced by Royal Palm Properties, the first step was to centralize all of their data. The FreeAgent platform provided a single source of truth for all of their contacts, accounts, properties, and vendors. What’s more, all of this data was connected. If an agent was looking at a particular property, they could not only get a full accounting of that properties history— including previous sales, renovations, current owners, etc.— but they could also see any offers that were placed on the property and see if the clients making those offers had any other offers on any other properties. All of this information was immediately accessible with just the push of a button. Additionally, any communications made regarding a property or a client were captured within FreeAgent, providing an up-to-date record that their entire team could see.

Once Royal Palm Properties had established FreeAgent as their data hub, they began to further aggregate their accounts through tags and lists. This allowed the team at Royal Palm to create targeted marketing campaigns based on the specific needs of their clients. They could also use these lists to help match clients with properties and properties with clients, quickly and easily. Going forward, Royal Palm Properties will continue to collect and refine this data to improve their campaigns and marketing endeavors.

The Impact

  • Improved customer relationships  
  • Refined targeting for marketing campaigns
  • Reduced time spent searching for information
  • Garnered employee buy-in

In only a short amount of time, Royal Palm Properties was able to see significant benefits from their partnership with FreeAgent CRM. Firstly, their team saw notable time savings by reducing the amount of effort required to access information. Less time spent searching for information is more time that can be spent on client interactions and that leads to a better experience for their customers. This also improved the quality of the workday for their employees as their individual agents could focus on the activities that garner results, contributing to their success and the fulfillment of their role. Having all of the information they need, right at their fingertips also helps Royal Palm Properties demonstrate their expertise more effectively. 

Another impact of adopting the FreeAgent platform has been the ability for Royal Palm Properties to turn over a property faster. If a property has changed hands several times or seen extensive renovations, that information can all be conveyed right from the start. Since communications with vendors, agents and clients are all centralized, the coordination and collaboration required to get a deal done is accelerated. Approvals and decisions can be made with the complete picture in hand, reducing bottlenecks and delays.

With the foundation laid, Royal Palm Properties is now looking for even more ways they can impact their workday with FreeAgent CRM. FreeAgent offers such a comprehensive set of tools and features that there is always more that can be done to work better and increase ROI. With the team at FreeAgent in their corner, it will be exciting to see where Royal Palm Properties goes from here.

Having all of our client information and historical data at our fingertips has been helpful. It has saved us a lot of time. 

Our customer relationships have improved as a result. We can speak more knowledgeably about a property and address specific needs more effectively because we can see our client history in detail. That’s how FreeAgent makes us better at what we do.

Last year we had a property that sold 3 times—being able to see the entire history of the property— including the work done on it, the agents who closed the deals, and the vendors that were connected to it, etc. — having all of that information at our fingertips helped us complete the deals faster.

The whole team has adopted FreeAgent. It’s the easiest CRM I have seen in terms of usability.

FreeAgent CRM Royal Palm Properties Case Study

John Knapp

Creative Marketing Director | Royal Palm Properties


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