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I can’t imagine another platform being as flexible and customizable as FreeAgentIt helps us stay organized, and run our business more efficiently.”

Telecom Management Resources

Farmington Hills, MI


Telecomunication Services 

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🤓 Rapid, glanceable reporting 

Increased visibility across teams

 10+ hours saved/week

Simplified operational processes 💥

“FreeAgent has enabled TMR to become a more efficient organization. TMR can now use this technology to better support our clients.” 

  • Service-centered
    Founded on expertise, grounded in service
  • Support-focused
    Providing top-of-field support, access, and know-how
  • Industry Connections
    Trusted, experienced, connected 
  • Value-driven 
    Solutions that provide value and simplicity 

We are carrier agnostic and customer-focused. We don’t just sell what the big telecom companies want us to sell. We focus on our customer’s needs. It’s about adding value.

Many of our engagements begin with the fundamental role of providing an audit and assessment for our customers with the primary agenda of streamlining services and reducing or containing costs.

FreeAgent mirrors TMR and our flexible, customer-first approach. Ultimately, that is what led us to choose FreeAgent. We wanted something that didn’t just pigeonhole us into what other companies need from a CRM. FreeAgent’s customizable platform allows us to work the way we need to perform various roles for our customers.”

Al Broida


Strength Through Partnership

It is safe to say that virtually every industry in America has experienced a rapid and substantial change in the last decade. Perhaps no industry has experienced this change as wholly and completely as the telecommunications industry. On the retail side of things, technology has advanced beyond anyone’s imaging, with new phones dwarfing the power of desktop computers from the early 2000s. To support these devices’ burgeoning capabilities, companies have invested heavily in the infrastructure required to utilize them to their full effectiveness. This has led to a shift in how the services these companies provide have been monetized. Keeping up with this ever-shifting landscape is a full-time commitment that few companies have the resources to invest in. That is where Telecom Management Resources comes in. The team at TMR has been in the industry for decades. Their experience and know-how, coupled with a vast network of relationships and connections, allow them to optimize their business partners’ spending while ensuring those partners have access to all the tools they need to thrive.     

For the team at Telecom Management Resources, navigating the complex and dynamic world of telecommunications was the easy part; they are experts after all. Yet, when it came to the challenges of managing their lengthy and unconventional sales cycle, facilitating the growing needs of their client base, and expediting communications with their wide-ranging vendors, they needed some help. After a thorough search that saw the TMR team run through the list of the usual suspects in the CRM space, they found FreeAgent CRM. FreeAgent was a company cut from the same cloth as Telecom Management Resources. They were experts in their field, experienced and innovative, and they weren’t a one-size-fits-all operation. FreeAgent’s industry knowledge and savvy allowed them to create a powerful, flexible, and user-customizable software platform. For a company like TMR— a company that requires agility and adaptability to maneuver in an industry that is still evolving— the ability to change quickly and easily, with very little overhead, made FreeAgent the standalone choice for their business. 

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FreeAgent CRM key account management


For many businesses that work with Telecom Management Resources, the TMR team is like another department of their own company. While this level of trust and confidence is well placed, the team at Telecom Management Resources is required to wear many hats. In order to manage this responsibility effectively, communication is vital. That is what lead TMR to begin looking for a CRM. Their challenges weren’t as simple as reducing the length of their sales cycle or increasing their win rate. Of course, these were areas of importance, but it was the operational management of their day-to-day endeavors that was most important to the TMR leadership team. They wanted a solution that could address a broad array of business needs. The solution had to be concise and efficient, and it had to be as adaptable as they were. FreeAgent checked all these boxes and more.

With FreeAgent, TMR could centralize all of their communications, codify their operational processes, align messaging, automate tasks, reduce data redundancies, track key metrics, increase high-level visibility into employee activity— and they could do all of it their way. The FreeAgent platform was also accessible, modern, and easy to use. It was evident that the tools FreeAgent provided were there to make the lives of the TMR team simpler, which meant that adoption would be assured. 

It goes without saying that we needed a CRM to track our sales data and help drive our sales process, but we wanted something that could help with the operational side of things as well. That’s what made FreeAgent stand out. We could manage our inventory, vendors, and customers all within the same platform. What’s more, those applications could all be connected, allowing us to get a full picture view of our operations.

We wear a lot of hats and take on a lot of roles for our customers. We are essentially their telecom support department. Having a centralized hub that allows us to track all the communications and interactions we have with a customer, and having that hub be accessible to our entire team was a big need for us.”

Michael Palmer

VP of Operations  | TMR

The team at Telecom Management Resources needed to:

  • Centralize account data 
  • Streamline their operational processes 
  • Improve collaboration 
  • Optimize value for their customers 
  • Manage vendor relationship 
FreeAgent CRM sales email template

FreeAgent helps us stay organized. We can set reminders and automate tasks, allowing us to be more efficient in our communications with both our vendors and our clients.

The platform has helped us improve our internal communications as well. For example, once a customer request is made to our sales team, they send a task alert to the operations team letting them what the customer is looking for. Once the operations team receives the quote back from our vendors they can send a task alert to the sales team letting them know the ball is back in their court.

FreeAgent helps us to be more efficient while at the same time ensuring that nothing is falling through the cracks.


FreeAgent allows us to see each client’s data in a single pane of glass, which helps with collaboration and alignment. 

We can have 4 or 5 people working with a customer. All of their communications and notes are captured under the account, so our team doesn’t have to go through old email chains or navigate a spreadsheet to see who contacted the customer last or if a request was resolved. That’s a huge improvement.”

Michael Palmer

VP of Operations | TMR

The Solution

The first thing Telecom Management Resources did when they began implementing FreeAgent was to transfer all of their account data from the various tools they had been using previously. This process allowed them to analyze what information they brought over and how they wanted to use that information. They began to configure the various apps in FreeAgent to work together to make this information accessible and digestible. Suddenly, every member of the TMR team could not only see what stage an account was at, but they could also see who was working with them, what they were working on, any special requirements the account had, and so on. Collaboration became “built-in” with no need for extensive email communication chains, managerial oversight, or briefing meetings. 

Next, the team at Telecom Management Resources began utilizing the improved visibility FreeAgent provided to analyze their daily operations. They began implementing task alerts and automations to streamline their processes and increase efficiency. Now, there was no downtime when a project moved from one stage to another. Teams received a quick hand-off and could continue moving the project forward. 

As TMR continues to utilize the FreeAgent toolset further, they have already begun to dream of future implementations. New features are rolling out all the time and with those new features come even more possibilities. Data-driven insights will inform the direction these new projects take, but one thing is assured, the partnership between FreeAgent and Telecom Management Resources is just beginning.    

The Impact

  • More efficient communication between departments
  • Increased visibility into day-to-day operations 
  • Reduced downtime transitioning between project phases 
  • Simplified operational processes with automation 

With all of their account data now in one easily accessible location that the whole team can work from, Telecom Management Resources has already seen significant time savings. What’s more, their messaging is more aligned, and thanks to automations and task alerts, nothing is falling through the cracks. The beautiful and customizable dashboards that the FreeAgent platform offers have helped the team focus on what matters most. TMRs managers can see a zoomed-out view of their department while individual reps and employees can see what tasks are upcoming, where their projects are at, and even get an idea of where they stand in relation to their peers. All of this combines to create a collaborative experience that wasn’t possible before. 

The future is bright. With improved visibility and administrative control, TMR is utilizing FreeAgent to impact virtually every aspect of their business. Revenue growth, time management, employee engagement, and retention— all of it can be refined and enhanced with FreeAgent. While it is hard to say what the future holds in an industry as dynamic as telecommunications, one thing is sure; Telecom Management Resources has never been better situated to navigate the road ahead as they are with FreeAgent.

When I start my morning, I can see all the tasks I have waiting for me, and I can get a roadmap of what I need to do that day. That allows me to get going quickly and stay focused throughout the day.

The dashboards allow me to track thousands of data points and compile them in an easy-to-digest format that I can share with my team.

We have set up several automations to help us streamline our collaborative process. We can have projects that go through 7 or 8 different phases and pass through several departments. These automations ensure that we transition from one phase to another seamlessly and efficiently so we can deliver on our commitment to our customers.”


I love the form rules and automations. They allow us to tailor the apps to work the way we need them to. It’s also easy to do myself. I’m not a programmer, but I can jump in there and make changes without having to hire a 3rd party engineer.”

Michael Palmer

VP of Operations | TMR


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