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Top 5 Med Tech Conferences and Trade Shows to Attend in 2023

The Med Tech event scene is back in full swing for 2023! Here are the top 5 medical technology conferences and trade shows you should attend this year.

Medical technology conferences and trade shows are a great opportunity for healthcare professionals, researchers, innovators, and leaders to learn about the latest industry trends and discover new technologies. 

From cutting-edge medical devices and diagnostic tools to innovative software solutions and telemedicine technologies, attendees can expect to see the latest and greatest that companies in Med Tech have to offer.

We have highlighted the top five Med Tech trade shows to attend in 2023, helping you to find the events that are set to make the biggest impact on the healthcare industry in the coming year.

1. Project Medtech

Project Medtech is a medical technology advisory firm and consulting agency that hosts a wide range of events across the US. 

While attending all of these events yourself may be a stretch, we highly recommend checking out at least one in your area.

  • The 10x Medical Device Conference (April 12-13, San Diego, California)- This conference is a perfect blend of skill building, networking, and fun and is sure to offer something for everyone, regardless of expertise or experience. 

There are workshops and presentations from top industry experts, medical device networking sessions, a keynote address from ResMed Chairman and CEO, Mick Farrell, and even an ice cream social (worth the price of admission alone if you ask me).

  • The Midwest Showcase | Cleveland (August 30, Cleveland, Ohio)- This one day event is an incredible opportunity for medical technology companies in the midwest region to connect and learn from top industry experts.

There will be panel discussions from healthcare innovators and thought leaders, ample networking activities, a pitch competition, and an on-site happy hour!

  • Project Medtech’s Startup Symposium| Houston (October 25-26, Houston, Texas)- This event is aimed at providing early-stage Med Tech companies with the tools and expertise they need to navigate the complex world of medical technology.

This is a can’t miss event for founders and executives in the healthcare technology space looking to take their business to the next level and get their products to market.


The HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition is the largest health information and technology conference in the world.

Hundreds of educational sessions hosted by the industry’s most prominent experts and leaders and thousands of vendors displaying their latest technology innovations make HIMSS the pinnacle healthcare showcase year after year.

  • HIMSS 23 (April 17-21, Chicago, Illinois)- Every year HIMSS gathers a diverse group of some of the most well-respected and interesting thought leaders from across the industry to provide insight and expertise.

This year is no different with Keynote speakers that include:

    • Hans Kluge – Regional Director for Europe, World Health Organization
    • Deborah DiSanzo – President, Best Buy Health
    • Damar Hamlin – NFL Player, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist,

3. BIOMEDevice

BIOMEDevice events bring together business leaders, innovative thinkers, and industry disrupters to inspire and collaborate in an effort to propel medical technology into the future.

  • BIOMEDevice Boston (September 21-23, Boston, Massachusetts)-In addition to the more than 200 vendors who will be showcasing their latest innovations at the event, BIOMEDevice Boston will also host dozens of speakers across their three main stages:

    • Center Stage- Take in Keynote sessions and expert-led panel discussions.
    • Tech Theater- This is where you’ll find technical presentations and discussions by inventors, engineers, and industry experts.
    • Start-Up Stadium- Check out live pitches from MassMEDIC’s 2022 IGNITE cohort of Med Tech innovators, an exclusive Q&A session with BIOMEDevice’s keynote speaker, Erika Cheung, and podcasts recorded live, hosted by Project Medtech and Medical Device Success.
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4. DeviceTalks West

DeviceTalks mission is to unite the medical technology community by providing multiple channels through which the industry’s top up-and-comers can forge connections with other industry professionals, experts and leaders.   

In addition to their podcasts, virtual presentations, and in-person meetings, DeviceTalks hosts several Med Tech conferences in the United States every year.  

  • DeviceTalks West (October 18-19, Santa Clara, California)- This year’s DeviceTalks West promises to be a good one, with a speaker list that includes top C-Suite executives from across the industry offering advice and insights on: 
    • Innovation and investment
    • Prototype and product development
    • Manufacturing and the supply chain
    • Regulatory and reimbursement
    • Better tools and technologies

5. American Medical Device Summit

This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the American Medical Device (AMD) Summit. Every year this conference sets the standard for how the industry should connect and share ideas.

  • American Medical Device Summit (September 26-27, Chicago, Illinois)- Join more than 250 of your peers for executive led discussions that explore ways to: 
    • Reduce costs
    • Decrease risk
    • Manage compliance
    • Streamline processes
    • Improve collaboration
    • Increase speed to market
    • Optimize product design and development
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