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What’s New @ FreeAgent – February 2023

We have compiled a list of all the new features coming your way in February 2023!

At FreeAgent, we’ve been working hard to deliver new enhancements to help you crush your goals in 2023! 

To make sure your up-to-date with all the latest FreeAgent features, check out our previous updates below ⬇️

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Better Notifications and Events for Emails

Now, if you have Email Analytics enabled, you will see Open and Click events as well as Received and Sent Email events on your activity timelines.
In addition the Open, Click, and Received Email notifications have been updated.
Email Notifications FreeAgent product images

Picture Support for Outbound Texts

Now admins can use a new field type – Image Multi-Select. Use it to capture multiple images in a single field.

Picture Support FreeAgent product image 1

This new field type is employed by the Texts app for capturing outbound images from prospects. It will soon be used for additional enhancements to the Texts app.

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Picture Support FreeAgent product image 2

New 'Jobs' Admin Menu

Now admins will find job history under a new ‘Jobs’ admin menu. Scheduled Reports and Report History, covered under separate What’s New Announcements, are there too.

New 'Jobs' Admin Menu FreeAgent product image

Schedule Reports

Now admins can print a report on a schedule. From any Dashboard or View, use the ellipsis action of ‘Schedule Report.’ 
Schedule Report FreeAgent product image
Scheduled reports can run Now, One-Time, or recurring. Recurrence can be Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Monthly reports are always run on the 1st day of the month.

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Report History

Admins can now view a 90-day history of printed reports and download them. Reports can also be re-run.

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New system-wide admin of Events, Document Templates

Now admins can see, search, edit, and add Events and Document Templates across all Apps.

Document Templates FreeAgent product images
Document Templates FreeAgent product images 2

Simpler App-ministration 🙂

Now admins can configure an App’s settings from a single page.

Simpler App-ministration FreeAgent product images

Admins can access an App’s settings from the admin menu, or via the Apps page.

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Simpler App-ministration FreeAgent product image 2

New right-hand menu for your notifications, tasks, and calendar

Now your notifications, tasks, and calendar are available from a new right-hand menu.

Right-hand Menu FreeAgent product images
Click the notifications bell to view your notifications.
Right-hand Menu FreeAgent product image 2

Click the tasks icon to view your tasks. Sort and filter your tasks as you want. Email and phone tasks can be worked right from the menu by rolling over the task type field.

Right-hand Menu FreeAgent product image 3

Finally, you can click the calendar icon to view your day’s agenda. 

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Right-hand Menu FreeAgent product image 4

Admin Edit of User Preferences

Admins can now edit their users’ preferences on their behalf. Simply navigate to Users under Admin Settings / Company. Use the “…” action list and select ‘Preferences’

Admin Edit of User Preferences 1

The user’s preferences will show up in a modal. Admins can edit any value on any tab. Simply exit the modal to return to the Users page.

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Admin Edit of User Preferences 3

Introducing Live Feed

Now there’s a brand new way to view everything that’s happening in your CRM, in real-time! It’s called Live Feed and you can try it by clicking on the ‘pulse’ icon on your right-hand menu.

Livefeed FreeAgent product image 1

You can use the filter to narrow results by team member or App, and you can use search too!

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Livefeed FreeAgent product image 2

New Notification Preferences

Now you can specify how you want to receive your notifications. Chrome Desktop? Push notification to your phone? SMS? Email? Choose as many delivery channels as you’d like. And of course: all notifications you subscribe to will show up in the FreeAgent web and mobile apps too.

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Lead the way to a better workday with FreeAgent

FreeAgent CRM is designed for today’s world of work and our robust toolset is ideally suited to supporting the varied work processes of modern businesses. FreeAgent is:

  • Easy to use: FreeAgent works like you expect modern apps to work, providing a user experience that feels fresh and familiar. Teams love working in FreeAgent, leading to high adoption and greater ROI.  
  • User-configurable: FreeAgent can be configured by you to work the way you do. This means you don’t need outside support to add a form field, adjust a CRM automated workflow, or try out a new process. 
  • Customizable: With FreeAgent, apps, forms, and configurations are all completely customizable, allowing you to capture and connect your data in any way you like.

To see FreeAgent in action, get a demo, and discover for yourself how FreeAgent can help you have workdays full of impact.

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