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At CWS, we are passionate about our customers. 

I believe that FreeAgent really cares about Capital Waste in the same way we really care about our customers.”

FreeAgent CRM Capital Waste Services Customer Story

Capital Waste Services



Utilities & Waste Services

Favorite Feature

Dashboards & Mobile App


⚡ 20 rep hours saved / week 

⚡ 5x faster lead-response time

37%+ Revenue Growth

  100% Adoption rate 💯

  • People-focused      
    Taking care of their customers and their employees
  • Community-minded                                      Working to provide the community with top-quality services at an affordable rate
  • Industry Experience
    Leveraging decades of experience to do things better
  • Eye on the Future
    Ensuring a better tomorrow through innovation today

At CWS we are passionate about our customers.

We have a singular focus on providing superior and dependable waste pickup at a competitive price.

Our mantra is simple— take care of our customers, take care of our people. That is our focus every single day.

As a company, we are young, but regarding leadership and frontline experience, we are all industry veterans.

When we began looking for a CRM, we knew we would need to find something that would work for us specifically. We’re a little bit unique in what we require from a CRM and what information we track.

FreeAgent is really customizable, and I love that.”

Kim Huckabee

VP of Sales and Marketing 

Doing things better

At first glance, Capital Waste Services may look like the new kids on the block, but the breadth of experience and depth of knowledge they bring to the waste management space is on par with the industry giants. It is this combination of deep industry roots, coupled with a fresh perspective and modern approach, that has allowed CWS to grow and thrive in an industry that is evolving rapidly. 

CWS was founded on the idea of doing things better, both for their customers and for their people. This isn’t just a mission statement posted on a website; their vision and the principal driver behind all they do. Every new market they explore, every new client they bring on, every new employee they hire— it all begins with one simple question- how can we bring our culture to the fore.  

The last five years have seen Capital Waste Services grow at an incredible rate. What began as a half-dozen employees and a small fleet of garbage trucks has grown into a team of hundreds of dedicated and caring professionals spread across various regions of the United States. While this rapid growth rate has proven CWS’s belief in a better way of doing business, it has also presented challenges. The team at CWS knew that if they wanted to do things their way and maintain their focus on providing the best service and support for their customers and employees, they would need to find the tools to support their growing endeavors. They found a like-minded company in spirit and vision in FreeAgent- modern, innovative, and customer-focused. The enterprise software tools that FreeAgent provides have given the team at Capital Waste Services the ability to keep up with their growth and accelerate it so that even more people can experience the CWS difference.

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FreeAgent CRM Capital Waste Services Customer Story
FreeAgent CRM Capital Waste Services Customer Story


When Capital Waste Services began looking for a new CRM, they approached their search with the same people-centric focus that informs everything they do. They understood that a system would require buy-in from the people using it every day for a system to work. To that end, they empowered a group of their sales associates to find a platform they would want to use. They encouraged that team to do their research, try out some demos and bring forth recommendations they believed in.

The team that CWS assembled wanted a CRM that could help manage the innovative and unorthodox approach that had made them so successful. They wanted it to be robust and adaptable, but they needed it to be easy to use. Time spent navigating unwieldy software is time not spent selling, and for a sales team, that is time wasted.

Enter FreeAgentCRM. When the team at CWS found FreeAgent, the fit was evident right away. FreeAgent looked new and modern, like software in 2021 should look. It was intuitive and easy to navigate, which meant even those people who disliked adopting new technology would be able to get on board quickly. The tools the platform provided were flexible and could be adapted to the unique needs of the business. What’s more, the high level of support and expertise that FreeAgent offered meant that as Capital Waste Services continued to grow, they would have a partner they could look to for guidance along the way.

We wanted to find something that our reps actually wanted to use. Involving them in the process created a sense of ownership and accountability. 

Our sales reps know that this CRM is here for them. The more they use it, the more successful they will be. It was the ability to help us be successful that ultimately led us to choose FreeAgent.

I don’t know any sales reps that want to spend time using a CRM instead of being out there, in front of the customer, making proposals and doing the things they need to do to be successful. That’s why we chose FreeAgent.

Having a CRM that is easy to use and helps the sales rep succeed means they will be more engaged.”

Herb Davis

Area Sales Manager

The team at Capital Waste Services needed to:

  • Centralize their communications
  • Empower their team with easy-to-use tools
  • Leverage support to keep up with growth
  • Evaluate processes to eliminate pain-points 
  • Assess performance to provide effective coaching
FreeAgent CRM Capital Waste Services Customer Story
FreeAgent CRM Capital Waste Services Customer Story

Our sales reps love the mobile app. They use it throughout the day. They don’t have to pull out their laptop and get set up; they can grab their phone and use FreeAgent right there. I think that’s a big reason why they have so much activity within FreeAgent.

With FreeAgent, we have a level of visibility that we didn’t have with our previous CRM. Before, we could see the proposal or email, but we couldn’t see the content of those proposals. Now, we can see the actual communications in detail, and that’s big.” 

Kim Huckabee

VP of Sales and Marketing

Being able to go in and add a contact or assign a task so quickly makes you want to use the CRM

As management, we are numbers people. Being able to see all of the numbers in an easy-to-digest dashboard makes it really nice.”

Herb Davis

Area Sales Manager 

The Solution

As Capital Waste Services began to implement FreeAgent, they began to see the benefits immediately. The sales team suddenly had a single source of truth for all of their prospect communications. Every email, every call, and every proposal was right in front of them. Additionally, as they began to utilize the task management capabilities that the platform provided, they found they had to spend less time in the morning preparing for the day ahead. FreeAgent could tell them who they had to call that day or what the next steps were. This meant the sales reps could focus on what they do best- getting in front of prospects and showing them how to solve problems and provide value.

For the leadership team, the benefits were equally abundant. First, reporting became a breeze. Since FreeAgent contained all their essential data, it was easy to set the parameters and let the system work. Once a report was created, it could be duplicated weekly, meaning less time was needed to prepare for meetings or share information with colleagues. Custom dashboards worked much the same way and gave the user all the relevant metrics they needed at a glance. The number of proposals made, activities performed, and emails sent were all there, and it could be filtered by rep, region, or role. These dashboards could be pulled up and viewed in real-time in meetings, allowing for an accurate and easy-to-digest accounting of the business.  

As Capital Waste Services continues to grow, they will be able to see in great detail what is working, and just as importantly, what isn’t. This will allow them to make more informed decisions on the procedures and processes they use and what marketing channels are most effective, what leadership strategies garner the best results and more.

The Impact

  • Easier reporting and data analysis
  • Increased visibility into prospect proposals
  • Clearly defined metrics for goal setting
  • Decreased preparation time for meetings
  • Reduced time spent searching for information

The partnership between Capital Waste Services and FreeAgent has produced winning results. Firstly, the team at CWS is using the platform.

The sales team has a 100% adoption rate and every member of their team uses it daily. This has led to a significant improvement in lead-response time as well as the overall consistency of client communications. Next, the codifying of processes and systems has freed up time for the sales reps, allowing them to meet with more prospects and contribute to an increase in revenue of more than 30% quarter over quarter.

As the team at CWS further refines the ways in which they use FreeAgent, this number will likely climb even higher. Going forward, as CWS continues to grow and add members to its team, FreeAgent will be there to help ensure those new members get onboarded quickly and begin making an impact right away.

The future is bright is for Capital Waste Services and FreeAgent is excited to help them on the road ahead. Waste management has become a key factor in the fight against climate change and CWS is on the frontlines, ensuring a brighter and cleaner future for the generations to come. The people-first approach that guides the team at Capital Waste Services will lead the way to a more conscious and responsible world, one that we can all be proud to be a part of.

If you use FreeAgent every day to create tasks and keep track of your account information, then FreeAgent will tell you what to do each day in a month or two. You won’t even have to think about it.

Our reps just input the information that is relevant to their accounts, and the byproduct of that information is our beautiful FreeAgent dashboards.

I believe that FreeAgent really cares about Capital Waste in the same way we really care about our customers. That is a nice alignment.”

Kim Huckabee

VP of Sales and Marketing

The mobile app is big. Being able to see your proposals and emails right on your phone is huge.”

Herb Davis

Area Sales Manager

FreeAgent CRM Capital Waste Services Customer Story


FreeAgent CRM Capital Waste Services Customer Story

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