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B2B – Sales Benchmark Report

Sales benchmarks help you evaluate your team’s performance by offering an objective standard of what’s possible. To help you get the most value from benchmarking, let’s first look at how it relates to KPIs and other sales metrics.

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CRM Buying Checklist

Compared to other CRM alternatives, FreeAgent CRM is the only one that brings full visibility into your operations at a flexible and scalable price.

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Marketing Guide for FreeAgent​

Marketing will always use its own toolset, and FreeAgent is a powerful addition to the marketing tech stack. It helps boost key KPIs with Full-Funnel Visibility, Marketing-Sales Alignment, Enforce Brand and Organize Sales Enablement, and Marketing Project Management.

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Download – ERP vs CRM Guide

In this guide, we’ll break down the differences between CRM and ERP, whether or not they should be integrated, and in what order.

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Download – 5 CRM Buying Mistakes

There are a lot of CRM buying guides out there, but when selecting a CRM it’s those unknown or overlooked “gotchas” that can make the difference between a great investment or a total nightmare. Here are 5 CRM buying “gotchas” to avoid on your buyer’s journey.

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