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Opera Event Sees Their Pipeline Grow More Than 70% with FreeAgent CRM

“With FreeAgent, it’s less intimidating to go in and try to do something outside of the box. Most of the things we are using the platform for are non-conventional, and if I were with our old CRM and wanted to try something new, I would have to hire a 3rd party engineer to go in and set it up. After seeing the results, if I wanted to make changes, I would have to re-hire the engineer again to implement the changes. That makes it feel like it’s not our CRM or environment. With FreeAgent, I think of something and work it through in my mind, and then I go in and do it.”

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FreeAgent CRM FastEST Case Study

FastEST automates their lead creation process with FreeAgent- saves 24+ hours/week

The team at FastEST knew that spreadsheets and outdated data entry software were no longer going to be enough to support their year-over-year growth. They needed something that could centralize their data, optimize their processes, and minimize their day-to-day operational workload. What they found was FreeAgent CRM, an enterprise software platform that offered everything they were looking for and more, at a price well below the other solutions they were looking at.

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Download – 5 CRM Buying Mistakes

There are a lot of CRM buying guides out there, but when selecting a CRM it’s those unknown or overlooked “gotchas” that can make the difference between a great investment or a total nightmare. Here are 5 CRM buying “gotchas” to avoid on your buyer’s journey.

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