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Amazing New Reporting Capabilities Are Here!

Product Update February 9, 2021

Taco Tuesday

FreeAgent Product Update February, 2021

Save Changes to 'All' Views

Admins can now customize each App’s ‘All’ View, showing just the right columns in just the right order. Yay!

Simpler View Setup

We’ve simplified the way you setup Views – with tabbed sections for options e.g. filter, sort, group, and more.

Dot.walking for Filters and Columns!

Dot.walking allows you to add fields from any reference App to your List view. You can also Filter using dot.walked fields. Like filter for Opportunities where Account.Health = “Red”. Wow!

Pin, Drag and Drop Columns on Lists

You can now drag and drop column headers in your list view to quickly arrange columns. You can also pin columns by dragging them to the upper left area of the table.

Dashlets for Views

Now you can create a mini-Dashboard (called a Dashlet!) on top of any View. Show or hide the Dashlet from the View, and include as many Widgets as you want.

Introducing Group by!

‘Group By’ replaces ‘Pivot By’ in Views. Group (up to 2 fields deep) for better organization and more calculation visibility on one page. Add subtotals too! Bar charts and other widgets use ‘Group By’ fields automatically. Wow!

More Widget Control

Now you have much more control over how your widgets look. Title and label widgets how you want; customize display labels, calculations, legends and more. And get a real-time preview as you build each widget.

New Gauge, Number Widgets!

Now you can add Gauges and Number widgets to your Dashboards and Dashlets!

Click-through Widgets

Now you can click thru a widget into the underlying view. You can also click into just a section e.g. a slice of Pie 🙂 and see the underlying data in a new browser tab. 

Control Dashboard, View Sharing

Now you can control whether team members can edit your shared Dashboards and Views.

Remember View Changes

Now when you make changes to a view and navigate to a different view, FreeAgent remembers the changes you made via navigation histories.

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