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FreeAgent for Marketing

Marketing will always use its own toolset, but it additionally needs its own budget for campaign management, analytics, etc.

Regardless, marketing has historically been underserved by the company CRM. FreeAgent changes that, making it a powerful addition to the marketing tech stack.

FreeAgent helps to boost key KPI’s with:

Full-Funnel Visibility

Marketing-Sales Alignment

Enforce Brand and Organize Sales Enablement

Marketing Project Management

Target your ICP

Easily export data from your most successful customers to target your campaigns directly to lookalike audiences.

Get to know your leads

Know what happens to your leads after the hand-off to sales; view volume and quality of interactions by lead, see how quickly leads are qualified and gain more insight about leads that are disqualified, re-marketed, or scored low by sales.

Consistency is key

Ensure brand consistency across all interactions and content; oversee email templates and access Activity Timelines for visibility into low-funnel and post-funnel interactions.

What you’ll get

Integrated with Mailchimp.

See everything

Share real-time reports and dashboards.

Empower marketing-sales alignment

Reduce mystery and friction between departments when you see what they see.

You’ll have the entire control

Manage marketing projects from Design to Delivery to Campaign launch.

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