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New Reporting for Stage Fields

Product Update May 25, 2021

Taco Tuesday

FreeAgent Product Update May 25, 2021

True Stage Cycle Time Reporting

Now you can see all the stage changes across all records in any stage-enabled App.

You can use this visibility to build powerful cycle time reporting, utilizing group-by, filter, and calculate operations to get just the view into cycle times that helps you optimize your work process.

FreeAgent In-Line Reporting CRM

Stage Field Change History

Now you can hover over any stage field to get instant, drill-down visibility into the history of stage changes for a record. Very powerful!

FreeAgent CRM reporting stage field

Support for Average, Min & Max in Widgets!

Now you can configure any Widget to display Averages and the Max or Min value from any data set. Yay!

FreeAgent CRM min/max widgets

Better Multi-Select Field Visibility

Now you can see all “Pills” at once for Multi-Selects instead of requiring hover over to see all the values! 

Along with Multi-Select Fields, the Note Field also wraps in the List Layout. Nice!

FreeAgent CRM multi-select field visibility

Undelete for Admins

Now admins can undelete previously deleted records in any App. They can see who deleted which record at what time also.

FreeAgent CRM un-delete for admins

New Duration Field Type

Now admins can add Duration fields to track elapsed time for all sorts of things. They can also specify a Duration Format for charts – from Seconds all the way to Weeks. 

FreeAgent CRM new duration field type

Stage Fields Managed as Choice Lists

Now admins can manage Stage fields in Choice Lists. Also admins can define Stage Field dependent field rules using Form Rules for more consistency and flexibility!

Group By Reference Joins

You’re now able to “Group” by Reference Join fields. Very powerful!

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