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John Moley believed businesses should go above and beyond for their customers.

Moley Magnetics

Lockport, NY


Industrial Machinery Maintenance and Supply

Favorite Feature

Reporting / Dashboards


👀 Visibility game changer

 < 3 min ⚡️ support response time

Sales admin work down 5+ hours/wk


Moley Magnetics is a family-owned industrial maintenance and supply company that specializes in magnets, shears, and granulators. They offer top-of-field equipment at incredible rates and their custom fabrication and machining makes them a one-stop solution for all scrap, demolition, and recycling needs. Yet, to really understand who Moley Magnetics is, you have to know where they came from.

30 years ago, John Moley started an electric motor repair company with a singular mission- he wanted to offer the highest standard of customer service in the industry. If you spend any time around the Moley offices you will hear stories of John going above and beyond for his clients. One such story tells of the time John got up at 2 am in order to go and help a farmer get his equipment up and running before dawn so that a whole day’s work would not be lost. Tales like this are shared as a sort of guidepost, a reminder of what the company stands for.

John would spend his whole life building a business that put customers first and his son Nick would later join him in carrying on that vision. Nick was an entrepreneur like his father and he was able to help the company grow and expand from electric motor repair into industrial equipment maintenance and supply. Today there are several companies that reside under the Moley umbrella and they all share the same focus and commitment to customer service that has come to embody the Moley name.

No customer is too big or too small.

We believe businesses should go above and beyond for their customers.”

“I feel FreeAgent is aligned with our values, one of the biggest things for me is being able to get in touch with a real human quickly.”


The company began to expand at a rapid pace once Nick came on board. He had a vision for the business that would see different branches grow off of the foundation that John had built. He understood that synergy could allow them to bring the same level of care and service to other areas of their industry and he had the know-how and expertise to bring it all together.

The challenge was that the systems and processes that had been in place for years were no longer sufficient to manage all the different aspects of the company.

Furthermore, the data collection and documentation practices that had worked in the early days began to lag behind. As new members joined the team a need for established systems that would allow for cohesive communication, strategic planning, and success assessment became vital.

I needed a system that could track our sales activity because I’m a very data-driven person. Data can tell you a lot.”

  • Lack of Customer Support
  • Inconsistent  and cumbersome data management 
  • Low adoption rate
  • System was clunky and challenging to use

We started to use the new dashboards for our 1:1’s with the sales team. 

We can now go into FreeAgent, look at the opportunities, the quotes, what’s won, what’s lost, and what’s open.

 It’s nice to be able to view the history and understand what’s going on with the customers and seeing the communication that is going back and forth.

FreeAgent also helps cut down on the time someone has to spend debriefing me. Now I can just get in there and get an idea of what’s going on.”

  • Less administrative work means time saved
  • Streamlined quote generation 
  • High-level overview of the activity within the organization
  • Improved communication and collaboration 

The Solution

FreeAgent was able to provide the tools that Elizabeth, Nick, and the rest of the team were looking for. A centralized data hub that tracked activity and client interactions made for a simpler and smoother process that saw more of the Moley team aligned in their workflow. Detailed reporting allowed for a complete view of the sales funnel from lead generation to win rate. FreeAgent was also easier to use than the combination of programs that Moley Magnetics had been employing in the past and that meant their team was able to get on board quickly and more team members would feel comfortable using the software.

FreeAgent also worked closely with the Moley team to create a set of custom applications that are unique to their business. Now they can work how they want to work instead of having to adjust to a program that requires them to work in a way that supports a much broader set of businesses. To top it all off, FreeAgent offers fast and reliable support that aligns closely with Moley’s values.

It’s nice to know how quickly our staff is responding to our customers because if you’re not helping to solve someone’s problem then somebody else will.”

FreeAgent is user-friendly and whenever I do have questions the team has been there to help guide me.”

Sales reps have cut down on a lot of admin work. They had been logging a lot of their information in spreadsheets and that was painful. First, they had to remember to do it which was a challenge, and then they needed to work with the other departments to make sure it was right because we had a lot of different programs and formats we were using.

So this has saved a couple of hours a week for me and a couple of hours a week for each of them. It’s also nice to have some consistency.”



Elizabeth Moley

Director Of Administration | Moley Magnetics

The Impact

The benefits of Moley Magnetics partnership with FreeAgent have been felt across all areas of the company.

Data duplication has been reduced significantly and collaboration across teams has become easier. This has translated directly to time saved, and in business, time is money.

Increased visibility of the sales funnel has allowed for new strategies to be implemented and the results of those strategies are easier to track. Customer interactions are easier to see and that means fewer steps are being missed and no clients are being forgotten. For a company like Moley Magnetics, which prides itself on the best customer service around, the impact of this can’t be overstated.

As the Moley family of services continues to grow, FreeAgent is excited to stand beside them and help them fulfill their commitment to the exceptional service and care that John envisioned all those years ago. We know the difference that companies like Moley Magnetics can make in the world we are proud to be a part of it.

My favorite part is definitely the high level overview of activity within the organization along with the reporting that allows us to drill down to certain data points as needed. It’s a visibility we didn’t have before.

The visibility was a game changer to put all the metrics in one place.

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