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FreeAgent allows us to track the different elements of our marketing campaigns. That has helped us to improve efficiency and alignment.

FreeAgent CRM Moving Targets

Moving Targets

Perkasie, PA


Marketing and Advertising 

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⚡ Simplified account management

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Increased visibility across teams

 Streamlined operational processes 

  • Dynamic and Agile
    Providing dynamic solutions that work
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    Building communities through partnership
  • Insight and Expertise
    Founded on expertise, driven by insight 
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    Optimizing Value, broadening reach 

We help small and medium-sized businesses stretch their marketing dollars and get the most bang for their buck. By aggregating all of our customers together, we gain access to the mailing targets that are generally available only to really big companies. This allows us to open up those targets to our customers.

We needed something our whole team would want to use. I know from experience that if a software tool is not intuitive or doesn’t make your job easier, you’re not going to use it. That’s why we chose FreeAgent. It fits very easily into our day-to-day business structure and allows us to work the way we want to work while making that work easier.”

FreeAgent CRM Moving Targets

Kelsey Kolodinsky

Operations Manager | Moving Targets

Leading with Experience, Succeeding Through Access

There are many factors that go into producing a successful marketing campaign, but few are as important as experience and expertise. After nearly 30 years in the business, the team at Moving Targets has both in abundance, coupled with a long list of industry connections and partnerships. Moving Targets can expand the reach of its clients and offer them a spot at a table reserved for giants. Whether direct mail, social media, or email marketing— Moving Targets has the skill and know-how to grow your customer base, improve your lead quality, and increase your engagement. 

As a business with its finger on the pulse, Moving Targets knew they needed to move their daily operations to the cloud. The flexibility and agility that cloud-based platforms provide are vital to success in the new world of work. Still, for a company like Moving Targets, out-of-the-box solutions weren’t going to be able to address all the complexities of their business. They needed tools that were as dynamic as they were, tools that could be adapted quickly and efficiently to support a variety of business needs. When the team at Moving Targets found FreeAgent CRM, with its modern and intuitive interface and user-customizable toolset, they knew they had found what they were looking for.

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The relationship between a business and a marketing agency can be complex. To advise a company on strategy, a marketing team must know that company on a deeper level than is required in most other industries. At Moving Targets, they know this well and pride themselves on the relationships they have formed with their clients over the years. That said, the Moving Targets team has never been a company that rests on its laurels. They recognized that the innovative tools that modern CRM platforms provide would allow them to strengthen and improve their client relationships even further. 

Moving Targets’ first objective when selecting a CRM was finding a platform that would track their customer journey in detail. Their sales cycle is an unconventional one. Having greater visibility into every step of the process would help assess the efficacy and inform their procedures. It was also important to Moving Targets that they would be able to ensure that their entire team was aligned in supporting all of their accounts. A single account can have multiple campaigns running across several locations, and keeping a consistent level of service can be challenging. A lot of time can be spent going through lengthy email chains to find the information needed to support a request, and results can be based mainly on the skills and talents of individuals. Moving Targets wanted to centralize their account data and codify their processes so that their entire team could deliver the high level of service that they were known for with every interaction. Lastly, like any company looking to implement new systems and tools, Moving Targets wanted to find something their team would want to use— something that would make their daily task load easier to manage. FreeAgent checked every one of those boxes and more. They also had a team that shared the same passion and care for its customers as Moving Targets did. In the end, it became an easy decision.

We wanted to transition our systems to the cloud to have our information more accessible.

It was important that we could capture the entire customer journey, from the lead stage all the way through to account management. We didn’t want our team to jump from one system to another to find the information they needed to help a customer.

Being able to add new fields myself, quickly and easily, without having to talk to a developer, was a significant selling feature for me.”

FreeAgent CRM Moving Targets

Kelsey Kolodinsky

Operations Manager | Moving Targets

The team at Moving Targets needed to:

  • Transition their systems to the cloud 
  • Centralize their communications
  • Improve collaboration
  • Track their entire customer journey
  • Facilitate employee buy-in

FreeAgent is already making it easier to track our KPIs.

With our previous CRM, if I wanted to add a dropdown menu or unique field, I needed to hire a 3rd party engineer. It was so expensive and time-consuming that it made it all but impossible. With FreeAgent, I am empowered to make changes myself.

Our whole team loves the saved views. A team member in a managerial role can set up a custom view that gives them a high-level overview of what’s going on in their department. An individual strategist can manage their view to see the data that matters most to them. The best part is they can all share their views. That has helped us with collaboration and alignment. 

The visibility that FreeAgent provides us has been incredible. We can track all of our orders by stage and see them progress in real-time. That helps us stay on track and offer accurate updates to our clients.”

FreeAgent CRM Moving Targets

Kelsey Kolodinsky

Operations Manager | Moving Targets

The Solution

As soon as Moving Targets added FreeAgent to their team, their work to achieve all of their objectives began. The first step was to port over all of Moving Targets’ account information into the FreeAgent platform. FreeAgent offers a robust toolset that allows the team at Moving Targets to work from right within the platform. This meant that once the MovingTargets team had an account entered into FreeAgent, everything they needed to support the account was right at hand. The communications history, detailed notes, campaigns both old and new— everything was accessible quickly and easily. The team no longer needed to refer to old emails or dig through multiple spreadsheets to support a client. Instead, everything could be viewed in as little or as much detail as required. What’s more, the data could be compiled into glanceable, detailed reports for higher-level oversight. 

Next, Moving Targets began rolling out the new system to their team. They showed them how easy it was to use, and they showed them how to create custom views that helped to access and visualize the information they needed. The benefits of this were immediately recognized by everybody, from managers to agents, as was the intuitive user experience that FreeAgent provided. Soon, everyone was working together in a way that was not possible before.

As the Moving Targets team became more familiar with the FreeAgent platform, they customized it to suit their needs. They created custom fields for more detailed metrics tracking, which helped them begin refining their day-to-day workflows to improve efficiency and efficacy.

The Impact

  • Increased accessibility to operational systems
  • Improved tracking of KPIs
  • Greater visibility and account management  
  • Simplified collaboration

Having a centralized platform to work from has already helped the Moving Targets team improve collaboration and save time. The increased visibility that FreeAgent has provided has already begun to pay dividends. They can now track all of their orders by an assortment of filters, allowing them to better assess their operations. Additionally, team members no longer have to spend as much time preparing for meetings or calls as everything they need to know is located in one, easily accessible location. This has improved messaging alignment and allowed them to focus on what they do best— driving lead generation and increasing brand engagement for their clients.

Going forward, Moving Targets will integrate even more of the systems they use into FreeAgent. As they do so, they will see even greater results. They will use data-driven insights to streamline processes, further coach team members, identify upsell opportunities and improve communication between team members and clients. They will be able to provide more detailed reporting to their board members and C-Suite. They will be able to affect virtually every area of their business positively. When talented people are empowered with top-of-field tools and strategies, there are no limits to what can be accomplished. The future looks bright for Moving Targets and their clients— FreeAgent is excited to be a part of it.

One of our customers might have 10 locations, and each location could be running several campaigns. With FreeAgent, I can zoom in and see where a single campaign for a location is at, or I can zoom out and see where the location as a whole is at. I can then zoom out even further and see where the whole business is at— and I can do it all with just the push of a button.

Several people can be working on a single campaign, so having all of the important information stored in one place is essential to alignment and efficiency.

FreeAgent is an amazing tool for organizing your entire business. It is highly customizable and inexpensive.”

FreeAgent CRM Moving Targets

Kelsey Kolodinsky

Operations Manager | Moving Targets

FreeAgent CRM B2B order management


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