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FreeAgent CRM is the smarter choice

  • Buying a CRM is challenging due to all the options out there – over 700 results on G2 alone.

  • You can’t try them all, but you can use our checklist to make an informed decision.

  • Tick your choices against the following checklist to see if they match up to FreeAgent’s full suite of features.

  • Check out our resources page for more content on CRM implementation.


Contact management: Managing your contacts and keeping your lead database fresh is key to good CRM hygiene.

Unlimited data storage in all subscriptions?

Unlimited contact records in all subscriptions?

Import contacts from email, spreadsheets, and other CRMs?

Find people and companies in the CRM even when your search terms aren’t an exact match?

Task management: An effective CRM helps you stay on track with tasks and projects, resulting in fewer errors.

Summary of your daily tasks upon login?

Recurring tasks and reminders?

Sync with your Gmail or Office 365 calendar?

Pipeline management: A good CRM helps you manage your sales pipeline as closely and as accurately as possible.

Filter and view your leads by value, assignee, age of the lead, stage, confidence, and other attributes?

Interactive map to view and filter your leads geographically?

Drag-and-drop board to view your leads’ status and move deals between stages?

Automatically advance leads between stages when stage goals are met?

Configure multiple sales pipelines to manage different sales efforts?

Reports: Accurate reports from your CRM platform help you make better business decisions.

Commonly used reports included in the CRM out of the box?

Save and download reports for easy sharing?

Customize your dashboard to display essential stats

Communication features: The right CRM software helps you stay in touch with customers and colleagues more effectively.

Automatically log your emails, phone calls, and internal notes with team members?

Tag your team members to share information and request assistance?

Sync your email account to send emails directly from your CRM – automatically attributed to the right contacts?

Place domestic or international phone calls directly from the CRM for free?

Create email templates and share them with your team?

Mass-email a filtered list of contacts with a single click?

Create personal email sequences that trigger based on the pipeline stage and automatically stop when your contact replies?

Sales automation: An effective CRM helps you automate your sales processes to bring you more consistent, predictable outcomes.

Automatically assign leads to reps and distribute leads into the correct pipelines, based on the criteria you set?

Automatically subscribe and unsubscribe leads to marketing email lists depending on where they are in your sales process?

Create and automate follow-through tasks for won, lost, or canceled leads?

Setup and maintenance: A CRM should be user-friendly and easy to learn, with tons of support available.

NOT require extensive user training before implementation?

Complete implementation in 90 days?

NOT require an on-site admin or IT department to manage it?

Technical support: Technical customer support helps you troubleshoot issues and get the most out of your CRM solution.

Free phone support, live chat support, or email support?

Up-to-date knowledge center?

Mobile capabilities: Work isn't limited to the office, and neither is a mobile-enabled CRM solution.

FREE native iPhone and Android apps?

Integrations: As your tech stack grows, your CRM should allow you to connect with any future tool you get.

Integrate with the business software tools you rely on the most?

Able to integrate with new tools you might use in the future through Zapier?

Pricing and setup: Pricing determines how well you can scale and what your CRM ROI will look like.

Unlimited users?

Flexible pricing?

You shouldn’t have to worry about running out of storage space for your most important files and contact data. We only charge you for how many transactions you make, not how much data you use.
A CRM with unlimited contact data means you can scale as much as you need without incurring high costs.
Never start from scratch – simply import your data from your existing spreadsheets and other data sources to get started.
Searching for stuff should be easy. FreeAgent can create inexact matches using special characters (i.e. regex), and by default it returns an exact match for the first word on a record.
The faster you can get to work, the more productive you are throughout the day. FreeAgent shows you your current and overdue tasks in the My Tasks menu.
Stay on track with reminders and updates on your most important tasks.
You should be able to manage your meetings and upcoming events right from your CRM.
Being able to filter leads by different attributes means you can make better decisions based on accurate data.
An interactive map gives you an idea of who’s working on which accounts and what their progress is. FreeAgent currently shows Map View setup for accounts where latitude and longitude are in the list columns.
With a flick of your wrist, you should be able to move leads from one stage to another.
Intelligent sales automation means your leads progress through your funnel on the backend as you work your sales magic.
Whether you’re working in different territories or trialing a new sales strategy, your pipeline data shouldn’t get mixed up.
Your CRM should offer a few common reports out of the box, such as revenue reports and pipeline progression reports.
Portable reports bring important information to everyone in the company.
You should be able to see the metrics that matter most to you upon logging in – so you can tackle the right things first.
A single source of truth for all team and client communications is crucial to visibility and proactiveness.
Tapping your teammates for help helps you get work done faster.
Syncing your client emails to your CRM grants you greater visibility and crucial context into each account.
Grab opportunities quickly by dialing out from within your CRM – all for free.
Email templates ensure a high standard of comms across your team and shorten the time it takes to set up and deploy campaigns.
List segmentation is a crucial aspect of contact management – allowing you to email only the right people during outreach.
An intelligent CRM alerts you when a prospect has responded to your outreach, preventing you from coming across as an automated bot to your prospect.
Your CRM should offer or let you build a sales process guidebook to align your team.
For example, you should be able to assign all leads from the East Coast to Ronny Rep, or all queries from the website channel to Sally Sales.
Nobody likes endless email sequences. Intelligent email marketing automation means prospects only get information relevant to their buying journey at any given moment.
Retain that client or close that deal by automating tasks related to follow-up activities.
Your final CRM choice should be intuitive enough to use out of the box.
If your CRM charges you for implementation, you’re paying more than you should.
Your business shouldn’t need to wait more than 90 days to start using a CRM platform.
An on-premise CRM admin costs you money you could be reinvesting in your business.
As a CRM customer, you should be able to reach Support at any time.
An accurate Knowledge Center helps your team troubleshoot issues without waiting for Support.
Your CRM app should work as smoothly on mobile as it does on desktop, no matter where you are – and shouldn’t cost you a dime.
Modern CRMs come with a host of integrations to keep you connected to the rest of your work.
Zapier is an app that connects different apps through APIs, wherever possible.
Charging according to users prevents you from adding more users easily. Usage-based pricing means your whole team can use it as much as they want, and only pay for what you use.
Instant implementation means you don’t have to wait around for weeks before getting to use your CRM.
Usage-based pricing means you can adjust your monthly transaction units up or down depending on how much you actually need.

Get started with FreeAgent CRM today.

Compared to other CRM alternatives, FreeAgent CRM is the only one that brings full visibility into your operations at a flexible and scalable price. Enjoy the following benefits with FreeAgent CRM:

  • Tighter task and pipeline management

  • More effective communications

  • Greater team collaboration

  • Better sales automation

  • Faster implementation

  • Stronger customer data security

  • More accurate sales forecasts

  • Cheaper personnel costs

  • Free technical support

  • Full app integration

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